My Rental Bedroom Makeover With Craig & Rose Paints

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Let’s start this post off by describing the kind of DIY novice I am. Picture the scene. I’m in my local paint shop and I’m deciding what colour to paint my rental flat. After pacing up and down the aisle I settle with the largest pot of trade white. You know the white which tradesmen use for a decent enough job but no real substance to it. Off I go, annoyed at myself for not being more daring. At least picking another shade of white.

I’m so lucky in that respect despite renting, my landlord pretty much allows me to do what I like to the apartment, as long as I ask first and I do the job carefully. I’ve used removable wallpaper in my office, and I’ve added prints all around my home with Command Strips. But the one thing I was yet to conquer was using an actual colour on my walls.

Enter Craig & Rose.

The team got in touch with me in May to see if I’d like to sample some of their gorgeous colour range. And when I say gorgeous, I mean I bought 10 sample pots and still couldn’t decide what route to go down kind of gorgeous.

Craig & Rose is a well established, high quality brand in the paint industry, with 190 years’ experience and knowledge no less. Founded by two young Scottish entrepreneurs James Craig & Hugh Rose, the brand became renowned for manufacturing superior quality paints, and professional painters and decorators quickly adopted it as their brand of choice. At that time, paint was milled and competitors used to grind raw materials twice. Always keen to go the extra mile, Craig & Rose were known for their triple grinding.

Available to buy on the website directly, and in Homebase stores nationwide, I started my foray into colour by visiting my local Homebase and choosing some sample pots. As I was making over my bedroom, I knew I wanted a calming space, and as the rest of the flat was predominantly pink, I started to steer towards more the blue side of the colour wheel.


At first, as you can see from my original bedroom makeover plans, I was set on a grey blue tone and Steel Pole caught my eye as soon as I went into the store.

However, once I got home and started to consider the testers against the pieces of furniture in my bedroom, I struck gold with Morris Blue. And funnily enough, when I posted a picture on Instagram to see if people could guess which colours I’d chosen, the majority of people honed in on Morris Blue almost instantly.

Soft vintage blue with a hint of jade and a creamy feel, this colour was inspired by William Morris’ romantic palette.

I wanted one main wall in Morris Blue and the rest of the room neutral and seeing how my cream upholstered bedframe popped against the green tones, I decided to move the furniture around (the bed moved to the main wall, the wardrobe, drawers and desk all grouped together) which made it feel like a completely different space.

Because I’m a super basic DIY’er, I’ve always used relatively cheap paints – and cheap can sometimes mean 3-4 coats and arms that won’t stop aching. I was painting over magnolia so nothing too drastic, but 2 coats in and I was done. The pigmentation was rich, the egg-shell coverage matte but not chalky, and the colour utterly beautiful.

What I also discovered was, there were little to no splashes when rolling the paint on. Usually I’m covered head to toe in little white dots, but with Craig and Rose, I found the thickness of the paint meant I had almost no splashes on my arms.

On the adjacent walls, I chose a soft bright white called Marble Dust, which is the perfect shade of neutral white – no blue undertones, no yellow undertones, just a simple white, which has opened up the south-facing space even more than it already was.

This look 3 coats across all walls and seemed to be a little thinner in consistency, but I do find with white, it often needs more than bold colours if you have any marks on the wall underneath – which I most certainly did (let’s blame the previous tenant for that one).

From the large gold mirror I picked up from Maisons Du Monde for £44.50 (bargain alert), to the stunning wooden beaded chandelier from Next, this room is better than anything I could have hoped for and it’s now my favourite place to reside and do my morning and evening rituals. This space is the perfect place for meditation when the sunlight’s streaming in through the windows let me tell you.

I’ve listed everything I purchased for this bedroom makeover and thank you to Craig & Rose for gifting me the paint to create this calming, stylish oasis. I’m still in love with Steel Pole so I’m deciding whether I can get away with painting my bathroom – how stunning with it look against white tiles and brass fixtures?

Morris Blue Paint – Craig & Rose (gifted) | Marble Dust Paint – Craig & Rose (gifted) | Artwork – Desenio (gifted) | Wooden Beaded Chandelier – Next | Bedside Table Lamps – Next | Large Round Gold Mirror – Maisons Du Monde | White Furniture – Ikea | Cushions & Accessories – JYSK | Coaster – Anthropologie | Alarm Clock – Marks & Spencer

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