4 Pro Tips To Make Your Home Look Expensive For Cheap

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We all want a beautiful home. Some of us are born with the money to purchase lovely houses on spacious property and to hire professionals to design the decor. However, most of us do the majority of our own interior decorating. In this article, we will offer you tips from industry professionals on some inexpensive ways to make your home look expensive.

The following tips to begin your project come from Melissa Penfold, author of “Australian Style”. Melissa Penfold is one of Australia’s favorite interior designers and shopping experts. Melissa says, “Get inventive. Turn it into a game. Part of creating style is trying new things,” says Melissa. “Money can never do what imagination on a shoestring can do.”

Before we begin, let’s get some tips on how to prepare your home. It will not matter how expensive your purchases look if your home is not properly staged and ready to be remade.

These are things you need to do and know as you are getting ready.


This is a very easy and very important first step. You have to rid your home of space-wasting and outdated junk. Throw it out. If it is usable and you just cannot throw it away, donate it. However you need to do it, get rid of it. One good rule is, if you had it in college, you no longer need it. Posters need to go. Vertical blinds are out, so throw them out. If it is damaged, faded, or “just needs a touch up” get rid of it.

Go Neutral

When you are cleaning out, hold on to items that are in neutral colors. Buy what you buy in neutral colors. This way the pieces can be moved from room to room. This is especially true with accessories. Use pieces that are primarily neutral with a pop of color. Chairs, pillows, rugs, pictures, and throws can be used in any room, and by moving them around you can give a room a whole new look.

Use Your Imagination

The best way to design a room is to use your imagination. You do not have to have a cookie-cutter room. You are allowed to experiment. Mix patterns and colors. Mix textures. Be unique. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to be beautiful.

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Pro Tips To Make Your Home Look Expensive

Accessorize with lighting

Think of your room as a simple black dress. Every woman has (or should have) a basic black dress. This is because a basic black dress can be dressed down and worn to a non-formal event or with a few well-placed pieces of good jewelry to be dressed up enough for a formal dinner. This is your goal with lighting. Your room should have a few nice pieces of well-placed lighting to create elegance. A chandelier or crystal hanging light can make any foyer look like the entry hall of a mansion. Warm light illuminating from corner lamps hides mistakes and brings out the charm of paintings. According to Glamour, lighting should do for a room what jewelry does for your clothes.

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The use of mirrors with your new lights will add the look of space to a room. Expensive houses have large rooms. You have decluttered the room. You have done away with anything that is just taking up space. You have opened the eye with paint of neutral colors. (Use of texture will add definition. You can do this with paint or wallpaper on one wall.) Now place mirrors across from your light source. This reflects the light and space back to you. Use an oversize mirror or a group of mirrors. Use your imagination with size and shapes. This is an illusion that pro’s use in sitting areas, music rooms, or any room that needs to impress guests.

Install Molding

Crown molding and trim makes a room look more expensive and polished. Crown molding is not very expensive if you can manage to install it yourself or if you have a friend that is handy. It provides continuity between the wall and ceiling. Add molding to your baseboards, ceiling beams, ceiling medallions, and chair rails. Just do not go crazy. Too much will ruin the look of the room. White looks clean, but don’t miss the opportunity to use your molding to add a pop of color. You can paint your crown molding a different color if you want to.

Small changes

Making small changes can make a big difference. Upgrade hardware in kitchen and bath. Change the knobs on cabinet doors and drawers. Refresh or replace frames. Change out candles and replace worn bed pillows. Consider painting wicker baskets. Clean up plants or if you have silk plants replace them. Move greenery to open window rooms like sunrooms or patios. Your replacement pieces should be elegant.

The key to making your home look expensive is to buy one or two nice pieces and work around them.  If you have impressed someone with a beautiful room that has elegant lighting and a very nice chair that is seen as they enter the living room, in their mind, you have an elegant living room. They are not going to inspect every chair and table in the room to see if they are of equal quality.

As a basic rule, decorate your room as if you were dressing an elderly woman of grace and charm. Go with the classic style of the finest fabric with a string of pearls or a diamond broach, and not the trendy cold-shoulder top with torn jeans. Understated is your key. You will know when you have reached your goal.

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