The New Additions To My Autumn Deep Clean Kit

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When I shared these sexy pieces of kit on my Insta stories, I couldn’t quite believe how many people slid into my DM’s and asked for opinions. So today I thought I’d share the three tools I’ve added to my cleaning routine that, not only save me time, but give my apartment such a deep clean you’d think Kim Woodburn had taken up residency.

This post is part of my year-long brand ambassadorship with and the brief for this month was transitioning the house into a new season.

Now, I could have picked up some new bedding, or perhaps a rug. But instead, I did what I do best in September, and headed straight to the cleaning category online ready for my autumn declutter. It’s potentially the most excited I’ve been so far about this partnership. I mean, just look at this beauty above – have you ever seen something so majestic ready to get to work?

The Swan Handheld Garment Steamer (£22.99) is absolutely bloody amazing. I wanted something for both clothing (who enjoys ironing, seriously?) and homeware bits like bedding, curtains and cushions for when I’m shooting interiors.

My M&S bedding, for example, always crinkles, with the Oxford pillowcases looking like they’re fresh out of the laundry pile, but literally with one swipe of this handheld steamer, they looked magazine-worthy in no time. I can’t imagine living without this now.

It heats up within minutes, if not seconds, and only releases steam when you press the button in to do so – which I love as I’ve had a number of incidents when I used to be a fashion stylist, nearly taking my eyebrow off with a garment steamer releasing boiling water in my face.

It’s super lightweight which makes it ideal for travel, has a removable fabric brush, and is small enough to fit in the kitchen cupboard. Goodbye redundant iron and ironing board.

Secondly, I thought I’d trial run this Beldray Window Vac (£19.99) which acts as a vacuum to get rid of streaks on windows and French doors once you’ve washed them. I have a lot of little paw prints that seem to appear every single day, as well as two sets of French doors that needed cleaning this has become an essential.

With the vac I was able to get a fairly streak free finish (I suspect the cleaner I bought caused some smears, rather than the Window Vac itself), and it also worked incredibly well on my shower screen too. I love a multi-use product people.

Finally, and something I’ve been excited to buy for close to five years. A steam mop! I would watch QVC to see the infamous steam mops at work, whilst looking at my bucket and mop in the d

Except now, thanks to Studio, I have my own Russell Hobbs Neptune Multi-Functional Steam Mop (£59.00). This is genuinely amazing – you can use after 25 seconds, it moves with your wrist around corners as opposed to my old, haggard mop which could never reach under the sofa, it’s super lightweight and it has not one, not two, but 11 different accessories including a window tool, upholstery tool, crevice brush; specially designed scraper tool, and a round brush.

Another great plus point is that the steam cleaner also provides chemical free sanitisation, killing up to 99.9% of all known household germs and bacteria for a thorough clean of your home. You can just see from the reviews how much people love this, and I’m so glad I finally have my own steam mop. There’s a sentence I never imagined saying.

The weekend coming has been blocked out as a reset weekend, where I’ll be cleaning the flat from top to bottom, decluttering, sorting life admin and generally getting back on an even keel after a busy few weeks. Who needs to go out and meet men when you could stay at home and play with your new steam mop and window vac?

*The items were kindly gifted to me as part of my brand ambassadorship with – but as always, the love of a steam mop and crease-free curtains is all my own.

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  1. 9.12.19

    I’d be lost without my window vac, certainly has made cleaning the windows, mirrors and shower cubicle so much easier. I need to get a new steam mop, so will have to take a look at this one.

  2. 9.12.19
    Emily said:

    I totally need one of those little garment steamers, they sound great!
    Emily from x