How To Choose The Right Free-Standing Bath For Your Home

how to choose the right freestanding bath

There is simply nothing like the relaxed splendour of a gentle soak in the bath. Whether you’re unwinding after work, or just whiling away the time with a good book, your bath should be an oasis of calm.

All too often we’re content with the standard modern bath – visually a little plain, and often uninspiring.  The chances are that the bath in your home is a recent fibreglass model, in white, with taps at one end, and very little to stir you. 

Often, domestic baths are ‘installed’ with a surrounding wooden or plastic panel because the rough bath exterior and the metal support rods are not attractive features. 

But, according to Bathrooms Direct, freestanding baths have recently become the design centre of bathrooms, and you can choose from many alternatives to the freestanding bath to modernize your home. These are baths which look as beautiful on the outside as the inside.  Unboxed, unfettered and unavoidably elegant.

Here’s a rundown of what to consider when modernising your home with a new freestanding bath.

Space: first, think about the space you have, and how you can best use it.  Whilst we all dream of a freestanding bath in the centre of the bathroom, for many of us the limited space of our bathrooms makes that an out-of-reach fantasy. 

However there are beautiful, opulent bath tubs which will fit against a wall (called ‘back to wall’ models) as well as designs where one end, rather than one side, meets the wall (known as ‘single ended’ freestanding baths.) So, your limited room space should not constrain you.

Shape: the shape of your ideal bath will be a natural consideration.  You may prefer a bath with modern bold lines, which creates a visual statement.

Or perhaps you’re drawn to the curved elegance of double ended roll top baths. Some of these are made to sit directly on the floor, others have the option of fitted feet to raise the bath. You can select from a range of complementary feet, including a traditional claw, or perhaps a lion’s paw style.  

As part of the overall shape, many freestanding baths now feature side taps rather than end taps.  This makes it easier to stretch out without getting your toes tangled in the plumbing and makes bathing all the more luxurious.

(And if you like to share the bath with your partner, it means you each have a comfortable bath end to lie back on, so no more arguments.) 

Fancy a touch of magic? Why not consider an illuminated bath, with a sophisticated built in low voltage colour coded lighting strip around the outside base of the bath, giving your bathroom a new level of opulence.

Materials: the materials used to make your bath are as important as its shape. Handcrafted copper roll top boat baths are not just elegant and contemporary, they will maintain the water temperature much longer than cast iron baths.

And whilst acrylic composite materials remain a popular choice for bath manufacturers, higher end products include Quaryl, or consider a bath made from a single casting of rare volcanic limestone and resin.

Whatever the size or shape of your new freestanding bath – enjoy the daily luxury it brings.

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