With more people renting now than ever before, Apartment Number 4 is designed to show you how you can create a stylish home-for-now, from affordable home decor to easy DIY’s to make sure you get your deposit back.

Apartment Number 4 has been my love since 2009, allowing me to share my passion for interior design, and showcase how I decorate and style my rented property.

I knew I wanted to build a destination that not only inspired you to create a warm, inviting and stylish place to live, but I wanted to show that rentals can be just as stylish as forever homes. 

In a fight against bland magnolia walls and landlords who won’t allow us to hang pictures, Apartment Number 4 is a must-visit interior design blog, highlighting how to decorate a rental house on a budget. If you’re in search of ways to make an old rental house look nice, then look no further.

I’ve rented for the last 10 years so I feel like I’ve got a handle on what works in terms of decorating your home-for-now, especially for those looking to decorate on a budget. I’m here to edit the inspirational and showcase the affordable.

So what about outside of blogging? I’m a peppermint tea drinker who gets tagged in at least one chicken nugget meme a day, I live in the gorgeous city of Leeds and I have two rescue cats – Shirley Bassey and Audrey Hepburn – who are naughty but cute. I like to travel solo at least once a year – 2018 was the year of San Francisco – and I’m planning on going back to New York for a month sometime soon if the universe has my back. And if you asked me to describe my own interior style, I’d say, if it’s from Anthropologie, it’s me.

If you ever have any design questions (or want to know where to get the best chicken nuggets from) you can find me on Twitter at @victoria_aptno4 or you can drop me an email on contact@apartmentnumber4.com.

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin’ and Pinterest here.