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4 Tips To Choosing Artwork For Your Home

Post sponsored by Desenio One thing, as a renter, that has really helped add personality to my home is using artwork to create zones throughout the space. I’ve written previously about how to decorate an open plan flat and how artwork is an essential accessory to really create defined areas,…

Why & How To Purchase A Carpet Online

Post in partnership with Designer Carpet I’m almost certain that as I write this, a large percentage of readers will have sat at home over the last couple of weeks and made a mental note of things they’d like to change around the house. Never before have we spent so…

7 Wow Moments From The Hinterland Hideaway

It’s been a hot minute since I shared anything Three Birds Renovations related on the blog (check out their office reveal here), but today I couldn’t wait to share my top seven Australian coastal interior design moments from House 10 – aka The Hinterland Hideaway. A slightly different project to…

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Hello! I'm Victoria, the founder of multi-award winning interior design blog, Apartment Number 4. I can't wait to share my tips and tricks on creating a beautiful place to live on a budget, regardless of whether you're living in your forever home or your home that's perfect for now.


How To Choose The Right Free-Standing Bath For Your Home

There is simply nothing like the relaxed splendour of a gentle soak in the bath. Whether you’re unwinding after work, or just whiling away the time with a good book, your bath should be an oasis of calm. All too often we’re content with the…