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Setting goals for the new month means you can start afresh with plans you'd like to work towards and find the drive and motivation once more. There's nothing better than starting, no matter how many times, on the first of the month.

Setting Goals For A Brand New Month

How many times today have you heard the sentence, “how is it May already?!” already today – if you can remember the longest January known to man then you’ll appreciate time speeding by like me, hopefully to an amazing sunshine-filled summer. This month is set to be a fun one, with the launch of 4 […]

Here's your chance to win £100 at spend at British interiors store, Rose & Grey, with ten ideas of what to spend your lucky win on.

Win a £100 Voucher To Spend At Rose & Grey

What a way to kick off Monday morning hey? To celebrate the launch of my completely shoppable interior design magazine, 4, this Friday, I partnered with the amazing team over at interiors store Rose & Grey to give away an amazing £100 voucher to spend on R&G goodies. I remember first discovering  Rose & Grey […]

Taking A Leap Of Faith (+ Exciting News!)

I’m writing this post at 1am in the morning, eyes barely staying open but brain too busy to sleep. If you’re a regular reader here at Apartment Number 4 (hello!), you’ll notice that things look slightly different. A little more professional shall we say? I knew as soon as I jumped in head first to […]