Joseph Joseph Titan Trash Compactor Review

OK, so talking about throwing your rubbish away is hardly a sexy topic, right? But once you reach a certain age (*cough as soon as the clock strikes midnight on your 30th birthday), you start spending less money on clothes and beauty products and start looking at practical buys like a great vacuum cleaner, or an amazing blender. Please don’t tell me that’s just me?

I’m an advertiser’s dream. If something makes my life a little easier then hell to the yes, I’m more than likely to buy it. I love those JML adverts, when you’re up a little too early on a weekend, showcasing a range of steam mops and stain removers.

Which is why I couldn’t wait to share my new trash compactor with you. Yes, you read that right. I’m not even calling this baby a bin because it’s sooooo much more.

This is Titan.

Titan is no ordinary waste unit. Created by the team at Joseph Joseph – the kings of problem-solving, stylish household goods – Titan features a patented, hygienic compaction system that allows it to hold up to three times more waste than a similarly sized bin. For a girl who lives in a top floor apartment with no lift, the fact that I don’t have to go down to the bins every three days is a huge selling point.

With an easy to use design, all you need to do is push the pedal to open, throw away your rubbish – if it’s cardboard do the right thing and recycle it please – then lift the compaction handle, push firmly down on the trash and replace the compaction handle.

Other innovative design elements to this Joseph Joseph bin include a replaceable odour filter, a lid-stay feature – where the lid locks if pushed as far back as it can go – and hygienic compaction plates.

In terms of size, this measures W39 x D34 x H68 cm so fairly big for a standard sized kitchen, but I like how it fits neatly against the wall instead of my previous round bin that took up a lot of space.

If household gadgets are your thing, then this is certainly worth considering. Just the fact that I spend less time walking up and down three flights of stairs is enough for me. Check them out over on the Joseph Joseph website right here.

You can watch the full video demonstrating how the Titan works below, which shows just how slick this design is. I know I said waste disposal isn’t the sexiest of topics to write about, but this piece of kit is pretty stylish, right?

What’s the one household item you’d spend that little bit more money on? Something you couldn’t live without, or that you get excited about buying now you’re a little older and wiser? There’s no judgement here guys, be as lame as you want…

*Joseph Joseph kindly sent me this bin to trial, but as always, opinions are honest and all mine. 

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  1. I think this is a great idea. I get sick & tired of filling my outside black bin before bin day!! And that’s just non-recyclable rubbish! Me? I wouldn’t be without a damn good hoover. I had a Dyson then bought a cheap replacement instead of getting it fixed (big mistake). Needless to say 6 months later, I forked out on a new Dyson. And I have just splashed out a little more than I normally do on a Bosch kettle! It has 3 different temps it can boil to AND a keep hot thingy AND it makes a little noise when it’s boiled! Lol! So, now I want a fancy compacting bin too!!!!

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