Introducing Burmese Homeware Brand Kalinko

Woven Bowl from Burmese homeware brand Kalinko

There’s no denying the growing trend for authentic, artisan products, this year more than ever. As a whole, we, as consumers, seem to be moving away from mass-produced homeware and fast-fashion, in the search for a little more substance behind the products we choose to spend our money on.

One thing you guys have said over and over again to me in surveys and comments on social media is that you love finding unheard of, independent homeware labels, that others might not less familiar with. It’s that element of having something slightly different to the Jones’ next door, right?

Let me introduce you to Kalinko, an online homeware brand with a difference.

Founded by Sophie Garnier, who took the huge decision to move from London to Burma in 2015, Kalinko has been designed as a platform to allow the spotlight to be shone on some of Burma’s most talented craftspeople.

Woven ice buckets from Burmese homeware brand Kalinko

So what is Kalinko?

Named after a tribe in the North West of the country, Kalinko works with independent producers, offering them an opportunity to sell to customers worldwide and thus retain long-term sustainable livelihoods, while upholding traditional Burmese values and age-old customs.

The store offers a wide mix of homeware and fashion, and I’ve picked out some my favourite pieces here to show you. From hand crafted pieces furniture to woven ice buckets, textiles and kitchenware, there really is something to suit everyone’s budget – can we just say hello to this gorgeous rattan magazine basket for £28 for a moment?

Woven waste paper bin by Kalinko

Woven laundry basket by Kalinko

What was the decision behind the launch?

“Spending time exploring Burma really opened my eyes to the incredible array of beautiful products and traditional skills found across the country,” says Garnier. “I wanted to create a way for these things to be enjoyed and celebrated beyond the local market. Kalinko stands for the very best in design, quality and integrity.  While these standards don’t come cheaply, I don’t think that you should have to pay the earth for them, so try to keep the costs of our products as low as possible.

“Kalinko is independent, ethical and adheres to the globally-recognised ‘Ten Principles of Fair Trade’. Our team takes immense pride in working alongside its artisans, whose extraordinary talents are so integral to the success of the brand,” she adds.

Hancrafted spoons by Burmese craftspeople

I think the reason I fell in love with Kalinko and wanted to share these products with you, is because every piece has a story behind it. The person who crafted it has a story to share and you get a sense of really helping to grow someone’s future when you purchase from a brand such as this.

Are you a fan of niche, artisan labels such as this? Did anything above catch your eye? As always let me know below.

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