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For ages now I’ve been looking for the perfect work space inspiration to add to my vision board to represent the future Apartment Number 4 and 4 Magazine office but nothing has really fit the bill.

That was until I discovered the amazing Three Bird Renovations HQ. I mean, what a space. From the stunning Dalmatian wallpaper to the mix of mid-century-modern furniture and bohemian styling, this room is the ultimate in interior goals.

Not that I expected any less from the Three Bird team – I wrote here about them being one of my favourite Australian Instagram accounts – but genuinely, this space has made me want to reconsider not only my office design, but the look of my whole house.

It’s a huge goal of mine to have a dedicated Apartment Number 4 office, with a small team of people working on the brand and I already know I’ll make it happen. I’m looking to get different writers on board to create a variety of inspiring interior based content so hit a girl up if you ever fancy writing something. Who knows, we could be creating our own HQ like this next year?

When I started to look and see how I could recreate this office interior myself, I realised how many of the pieces featured were actually available from the high street.

Can you spot the Ikea trestle desk, cabinet and drawers? And the blush pink West Elm chair? I’ve also managed to find the most amazing Dalmatian print wallpaper through my girl Olivia over at Lust Living – she has this removable wallpaper in her home office and it looks incredible.

I also love the contrast of the mustard sofa against the blush pink, and the design details such as the Kate Moss print and planter baskets can all be bought for a purse-friendly price online. I love it when you realise you really can “get the look” yourself without breaking the bank.

Removable Dalmatian Print Wallpaper | Blush Pink Chair | Seagrass Planter Baskets | Gold Dewdrops Side Table | Mid-Century Modern Long Arm Chandelier | White Metal Cabinet | Mustard 3-Seater Sofa | White Office Drawer Unit | Fringed Cushion | Kate Moss “Life Is A Joke” Print | Neon Letter Wall Lights | Glass Dome Bell Jar

Are you a fan of this room? Would you ever consider a statement wall like this in your home?

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