4 Tips To Choosing Artwork For Your Home

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How to choose artwork for your house

One thing, as a renter, that has really helped add personality to my home is using artwork to create zones throughout the space. I’ve written previously about how to decorate an open plan flat and how artwork is an essential accessory to really create defined areas, but today I wanted to discuss how I actually choose said prints for my home.

First of all, I wanted to share this corner of my office which, to be frank, has been given a new lease of life with my brand new Desenio prints. Since my office makeover two summers ago, this corner has been bright and bold with a series of Palm Springs, Miami and LA inspired prints, and although I love it, I wanted to create a calmer vibe.

As soon as I saw the Amara wall art collection launch, I knew this was the perfect range to create a boho luxe shelfie. There is something so beautiful about Moroccan architecture – even a doorway can look magical. It was like a photographer’s paradise when I visited Marrakech a few years ago, and these prints remind me why next year, I might just have to go back.

How to choose artwork for your house

As well as sharing these style updates, I also wanted to highlight some tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years of how to choose artwork for your home. I know choosing prints can often feel like an overwhelming job, but hopefully these snippets of advice will lessen the interiors-fuelled panic slightly.

Choose a Colour Palette

I find working with a colour palette of some sorts really helps to narrow down the artwork overwhelm. For my bedroom, for example, I knew I wanted light neutral shades to work against the Craig & Rose Morris Blue paint, while my dining room needed to have autumnal shades such as rust and dusky pink to tie in the velvet armchairs to the rest of the space.

You don’t have to stick within a colour group necessarily; more consider what works within the colour wheel theory. Black and white prints, for example, always look timeless, whereas bold injections of colour can create a real focal point in the room. Decide on how you want the room to feel – relaxing, vibrant, light and airy – and work your colour palette around that.

Pick a Theme

Although this isn’t a tried and tested rule, I will often pick a theme when I am choosing prints, whether that be photography, travel-inspired prints, coastal elements, natural textures, illustration. On Desenio you are able to highlight a wall art theme such as Kitchen, Maps, Graphical etc, which makes the selection process even easier. As you can see from my updated prints, travel and architecture was the theme for office makeover 2.0.

How to choose artwork for your house

Mix with Current Wares

If you already have artwork that you love and want to refresh your gallery wall slightly, look for smaller prints that can fit in with your current selection. For example, if you have black and white photography, why not consider monochrome illustration to add interest? Or vintage inspired prints to create a feel of nostalgia? The key is to get the sizing right when it comes to adding artwork into your current gallery wall so be sure to cut out mock-ups with paper to make sure they sit correctly.

Look For Inspiration

I think one of the biggest plus points of Desenio is that it has so many gallery wall ideas and snippets of inspiration. Save time and stress by heading to the Gallery Wall tab in the navigation bar and see which collection sparks your interest.

It is as easy as clicking “buy gallery wall” and the correct sized prints, alongside their respective frames, are added to your basket instantly. I did this recently for an interior design client who was struggling to decide how to hang her artwork – what a time-saver it was, and she absolutely loved the outcome. 

How to choose artwork for your house

When you’re considering how to choose artwork for your home, what is the first consideration? Colour palette? Theme? Let me know in the comments below.

The team at Desenio have been kind enough to give readers of Apartment Number 4 a 25% discount with the code ByVictoria25 valid until midnight on 30th April 2020. The code does not apply on frames nor handpicked/personalised prints.

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