How To Create A Faux Fireplace In Your Rental

How to create and style a faux fireplace surround

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I’ve been waiting to share this easy rental DIY with you for ages, but the lighting proved fairly difficult to get just right. Either we’ve had dull grey days or bright sunshine with shadows cast across the room. This morning I was finally able to capture the faux fireplace I’ve added to my office and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

This is literally the easiest DIY I’ve done in the flat, so I thought I’d share in case you were looking to add a focal point to your room which can be removed easily if you were to move or change your mind.

You’ll see from this post, when I first designed my home office last year, I had an ash wood shelving unit against the far wall. Having moved that for storage closer to my desk, I was left with an empty space next to be turquoise Strandmon armchair that need filling with something equally as stylish (and practical).

I’d seen a number of DIY projects on Pinterest sharing how to create a faux fireplace, so with that in mind I started to look through the latest Studio catalogue and discovered they do inexpensive fire surrounds, including this flatpack one, priced at £59.99 (currently on sale from £99.99).

The beauty of this fireplace is that is has ample storage in both the front and the side panels, including shelving to the sides, which can be altered to suit your required height. In a rental where storage points are few and far between, this really is a welcomed practicality.

How to create and style a faux fireplace surround

The fire surround itself was easy enough to build, although this is a sturdy piece of kit so you may need a hand or two to lift up any stairs – the delivery man had his work cut out coming to my top floor apartment.

I wanted to make a simple backing to the surround so you weren’t able to see the skirting boards or wall. All you need to do this same are:

  • A piece of card or MDF cut to shape (I used two pieces of A1 card and fixed together with duct tape to make it as secure as possible)
  • Marble self-adhesive roll available from leading retailers
  • Craft knife or sharp scissors to cut off excess contact paper

All you have to do then is attached the contact paper to the cardboard and slip this behind the fire surround, fixing into place and securing properly. The fire surround allows you to fix to the wall, but as I’m renting, I figured it is sturdy enough to not just fall over randomly.

In terms of styling the faux fireplace, I chose some gorgeous pieces from the new Studio summer collection, including this stunning gold toned planter, priced at £14.99. This added a much needed pop of colour into the corner of the room with my faux fiddle fig leaf plant and worked perfectly with my gold starburst mirror that I picked up from Studio last year (no longer available sadly).

Some other finishing bits included Larry and Alik the decorative llama’s – these really add to the bohemian finish of this space – and two himalayan salt crystal candle holders, designed to rid of negative energy in the space they’re burnt.

I’ve got so much love for anything himalayan salt related and swear by having lamps, candle holders and chunks of the stuff throughout the flat. Plus, it’s a beautiful pink shade which never goes amiss in this place.

Finally, a gift I was lucky enough to receive on the Studio brand ambassador immersion day, was this super soft yellow herringbone mohair throw, which I’ve rolled up in a basket to keep at the side of my armchair for chillier nights curled up with my latest book. This is a beautiful throw if you’re looking to invest in something a little more luxe.

How to create and style a faux fireplace surround

So there you have it, my simple rental DIY for those looking to create a faux fireplace surround. This is a great idea if you have no real point of direction to your living room, or you have any empty wall space you’ll like to fill with something marrying form and function.

If you like this blog, be sure to share it on social media or leave a comment below and let me know if this is something you’d like to emulate in your house. I’m excited to hear what you think.

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  1. 7.1.19

    Wow, how simple yet so effective. I hate the fire surround in my flat and I e been wondering what to do when I remove it. I had no idea you could get ones with storage in them. How clever. I’m book marking this post for when we finally get round to removing our current surround.

  2. 7.1.19

    It looks great the storage aspect of the surround is genius well done Studio on that one

  3. 7.7.19

    A wonderful way to add a stylish and practical focalpoint to a room without too much hassle. Loving the different accessories you’ve added to finish off the space.

  4. 11.23.19
    Megan said:

    Obviously you didn’t cut the skirting like the ‘proper’ way, do you find there’s a gap? I’d love a fake fireplace but need to make it childproof without cutting off chinks of (rented!) house