10 Stylish Renters You Need To Be Following On Instagram

If you're looking to update your rental, then look no further than these 10 stylish renters on Instagram. Discover more here.

Although I’ve been blogging about my rental journey for a over five years now, there seems to be a definite shift online to dismissing the once-taboo subject of decorating ‘someone else’s home’. A shift I’m absolutely rejoicing in, as I share ten stylish renters on Instagram.

Never before have I been so happy for other people to chat about the perils of magnolia paint, the use of command strips and clever, temporary DIY’s. There’s a whole community of us on the ‘gram in fact, which is why today I wanted to get the metaphorical spotlight out and shine it on some of the most creative (and innovative) renters on the world wide web.

If you're looking to update your rental, then look no further than these 10 stylish renters on Instagram. Discover more here.

The Crap Flat (her words not mine) belongs to creative Emma, who is currently in “a one-woman interiors battle with a stubbornly crap rented flat.”

I absolutely adore Emma’s minimalistic sense of style, with a Scandi-flair – which all the while sticks to a modest budget.

Not only will you find styling tips and bargains galore, there’s also the odd crafty DIY such as this circle wall art project over on her blog, All In My Space.

If you're looking to update your rental, then look no further than these 10 stylish renters on Instagram. Discover more here.

Medina Grillo is the face behind Grillo Designs and has championed rental homes for as long as I’ve followed her journey.

Now an author to what I predict will be the best-selling Home Sweet Rented Home, Medina has also recently created the hashtag #howirent to allow renters to discover other stylish home decor accounts.

With such a distinctive style and on-brand colour palette throughout, Medina’s home is an absolute favourite of mine.

If you're looking to update your rental, then look no further than these 10 stylish renters on Instagram. Discover more here.

One of the most stylish renters on Instagram full stop, this apartment from Reserve Home‘s founder Mallory proves how you can create a boho hideaway in the heart of Brooklyn.

In a palette of whites, pinks and natural woods, this space is bohemian personified, and Mallory has done nothing short of completely elevating an otherwise standard white rental (if you can call living in Brooklyn standard of course).

As this galley kitchen proves, there’s always space for somewhere to eat, utilising console table and rattan chairs.

If you're looking to update your rental, then look no further than these 10 stylish renters on Instagram. Discover more here.

The queen of luxe neutral tones in my opinion, Kate Baxter aka Fabric of my Life, rents an apartment in the bustling city of Manchester.

A constant supporter of small independent homeware brands, you’ll more than likely discover an unfamiliar name or two on both Kate’s instagram and blog.

I’d happily fall asleep right now on this dreamy bed set-up.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this stunning outside eating area isn’t somewhere in California, but in fact Watford, here in the UK.

Created by home stylist and DIY’er, Denise Pop, it was this very image that attracted me to her interiors account, Sculpture Your Home.

If I had a neighbour that made our communal garden look as amazing, I’d be round with warm muffins every single day.

I had the pleasure of meeting the total babe that is Zeena Shah at a Pinterest event last year and she’s just as gorgeous IRL as she is on her Insta feed.

Now, not that you should judge a book by it’s cover, or a flat by it’s front door should I say, but I’ve never seen a building so aligned with someone’s brand before. Literally. This place is goals – check out the foyer here.

Also, this pink Mustard locker needs to be mine.

If fur and foliage are your thing, then Katy Mitten’s feed is definitely one to bookmark.

Katy shows just how plants, artwork and even more plants can completely change the feel of a rented home.

And while we’re chatting rented places, check out this tiny but amazing house she stayed in recently during her trip to Noosa, Australia.

One of the first blogs I came across which was focused solely on decorating a rental apartment, City Chic Decor has grown into a brand in itself.

Established by Chelsea Brown, this New York based blogger is an award-winning creative, as well as product designer.

Chelsea, in fact, has created a range of removable flooring, perfect for renters who are looking to update their space with a temporary solution.

Chelsea of Oh So Mint has done such a great job of styling her home, it took me years of following to even realise it was a rented place.

Filled with super feminine prints, colours and texture aplenty, I absolutely love how this ‘grammer has added personality throughout the home.

Also, every time I see her Pivot print in the living room, I’m reminded of my favourite Friends scene ever.

Whether you’re renting or you’ve just moved into a new home with little budget to decorate, I love how achievable Ellenor of An Edited Lifestyle makes DIY.

From fireplace paint jobs to the best rental kitchen makeover I’ve seen, I find Ellenor’s feed a constant source of inspiration for how I could update my own all rented home.

Also, this Ikea shelf is making me want to fuss and faff over mine this evening. Calling all trinkets and vases, can you make your way to the checkout please.

Even if you’re not a renter yourself, it’s amazing how many budget-friendly and temporary home decor ideas you can find on accounts like this. I remember first discovering removable wallpaper in my home office, and it’s something I’ll use again and again now, even when I move into a more permanent home.

Have you found any new stylish renters on Instagram here? Who are your favourite interior accounts? I’d love to know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow me over on the ‘gram if you haven’t already.

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