Feng Shui Tips For Positive Energy At Home

Positive energy at home

Having great energy running through your home really can, in my opinion, have a major effect on your wellbeing. In fact, there’s a scientific correlation between creating a happy home and having a happier outlook, from the feeling of being safe, to somewhere which enables you to rest and recharge.

And I’m not just talking about pretty décor here.

On my never-ending quest to create an abundance of positive energy in my apartment, I’m sharing some of the ways I’ve incorporated the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui into my home and how you can do the same.

I’ve spoken previously about the ‘power position’ in my post about manifesting your dream clients, where I share how placing your office desk can either open you up or close you off to new opportunities. I’ve put this method into action for the last two months and truthfully, August and September have been my busiest to date.

With that said, let’s see which other Feng Shui tips and tricks we can incorporate into our daily environment and help promote the flow of positive energy at home.


One of the biggest ways to shift the energy in your home is to declutter and deep clean. When I speak to people in my group, The Manifestation Collective, I always recommend spending some time clearing out things they no longer feel aligned to. Even if that means picking every single thing up and deciding whether it brings you joy or not – I know this is totally hijacking Marie Kondo, but I believe that items can hold on to old negative energy.

It’s also why most people feel energised when they cut off their long hair – hair can hold on to an enormous amount of negativity, as woo as that sounds, so once you shed, you’ll feel lighter in more ways to one.

When we declutter, it allows thinking space to increase, to bring more clarity, and leave us feeling less stressed – especially when we’re no longer wasting precious time looking for the house keys and a spare umbrella (they’re both neatly hung up in your new hallway storage shelf).

Create Curb Appeal

When we’re taking about energy, I think of it as a physical thing. Like something that surrounds me. So, when you’re welcoming positive energy into your home, you need to treat it like any other guest and create a warm, inviting front entrance.

Curb appeal, such as a door mat, a freshly painted door, new hardware, and even flowers and plants around the entrance itself, is letting the energy know you’re ready to welcome it inside.

Maximise Natural Light

A great Feng Shui tip for positive energy at home is to increase natural light, which makes us feel happier and more balanced.

Some great ideas include ridding your windows sill’s of any clutter (although if you follow step 1, you’ll have no problem), swapping to lighter curtains instead of heavy drapes, placing window film along the bottom of the window to allow for privacy but still let natural light in, and placing mirrors opposite any windows to reflect the light back into the room. Obviously, if you’re planning a renovation then skylights and bespoke bi-fold doors are a consideration to incorporate into the build, both of which maximise natural light.

Consider Your Bedroom Decor

If you’re looking to attract positive energy into your home, especially focusing on love, then your bedroom is the first place you need to pour your Feng Shui talents into.

First of all, declutter as mentioned above. Then take a look at the room and decide if the things in it make you feel love – a bedroom which is decorated in a way which makes you feel sad or even anxious needs to be changed instantly.

Choose light, neutral tones to reflect a light flow of energy, and do not bring electronics into the bedroom. Invest in beautiful bedding and a high-quality mattress to aid a deep, well rested sleep. And finally, if possible, make sure your bed isn’t aligned entirely with the door or else energy will flow in the room, but it will also flow right back out again.

Don’t Block Energetic Flow With Furniture

I know we don’t all live in a palatial manor, where you have ample floor space to move around – some of us *cough me* have to fit a kitchen, dining and living space into one petite room.

But one thing to consider is furniture placement when it comes to energy flow.

For example, don’t have items of furniture that you have to move around or step over – floor cushions need to be moved out of the way, choose circular silhouettes for pieces such as coffee tables, and don’t have anything placed directly in front of the doorway. In regards to where your sofa should be best placed, facing a window or French doors allows you see the outside world, which is seen as a thing of beauty and has the ability to raise vibrations, according to Feng Shui masters.

Embrace Your Dining Table

The dining table is the place where we connect to food and nourish our bodies, so having positive energy surrounding this area can only be a good thing – especially as what we put into our bodies is intrinsically linked to our vibrational frequency.

High-frequency foods, such as nuts, good fats, wholegrains etc have the power to lift our mood through increasing our vibrations. Whereas processed food can leave us feeling sluggish and low vibe because the frequency is so low.

When it comes to your actual dining space, bringing life into the area promotes positivity, so fresh flowers as a centrepiece are a great idea, while placing a mirror to reflect the dining room increases energetic flow. Just be sure that the mirror isn’t placed opposite a door or else it will direct the energy right back out again.

I’d love to know if Feng Shui is something you’ve incorporated into your own house and if not, would you take any of these tips and maybe see how they can be worked into your home to promote the creation of positive energy. Let me know in the comments below.

Positive energy at home

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