How To Decorate A Room Around Bi-Fold Doors

How to decorate around bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are one of the more stylish options for patio doors available on the market at the moment, rather than having a sliding door or 2 doors that each open like a traditional patio door, a bi-fold door is made up of multiple smaller segments of windows that can fold up onto each other to open the door and create open space.

The question is, once you have a nice set up with lovely bi-fold doors, how do you decorate the room around them? After all, bi-fold doors command attention and provide a large amount of window space to see through to the outside world, so today we’ll be giving you some tips on how to decorate around bi-fold doors.

Don’t Cover The Bi-Folds

This is a simple trick, when you have one wall adorned with bi-fold doors, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t cover up any of the bi-fold panels, so we’d recommend that you have all your furniture that needs to be up against a wall against a different wall.

The reason for this is twofold:

-Bi-fold doors are essentially a giant a window, showing you your outside space, covering up the windows will obstruct your view of the outside world and block natural light from coming in the room.

-Bi-fold doors need room to fold up in on themselves, so having a wardrobe up against the unit may obstruct the doors from opening.

Furniture Placement

Again this is a simple tip, as the bi-fold doors will let in plenty of natural light you want your furniture to be set up in a way that maximises that without it interfering with your vision. So if you have a TV in the room for example, you wont want it on the opposite wall to the bi-folds or the screen will be hard to watch due to the light, so place your TV and aim your TV watching chair at a wall perpendicular to the bi-folds (E.G. if you b-folds are on a wall facing East, you’ll want your TV set up to the North or South wall).

If you’re not worried about the television however, it’s good to have a sofa or chair facing the bi-fold wall, so that you can get a great view of the outside world and watch the world go by.

Bi-Fold Blinds

Admittedly, sometimes bi-folds can let too much light in, we’ve all had it before where the sun light has been beamed directly into your face, so you’re going to need blinds for your bi-fold door panels, however due the nature of bi-fold doors you cant use normal blinds, having standard blinds hanging on each panel would mean the door couldn’t fold properly and a set of blinds covering all the bi-fold doors would make it hard to shade your room with one of the doors open.

So bi-fold blinds like these are very useful, they’re small blinds that fit themselves to each individual panel, by slotting in between the glass window and the rubber gasket holding the window in, this means you can adjust the shading you get from each panel and the doors can still operate as usual.

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