5 Easy Ways To Create The Perfect Summer Table Setting

Post in partnership with Studio as part of a year-long brand ambassadorship

I’m sorry but how gorgeous is this table setting? Yes, I’m the one that put this together so of course I’m blowing my own trumpet, but still, the colours, the llama, the pink crockery – it’s prettiness overload.

As part of my monthly brand ambassadorship with Studio, I’ve taken some of their key pieces from the spring/summer 2019 collection and styled them the Apartment Number 4 way. And let’s face it, when I’m faced with pink, gold and a stunning basket bag, I’m all in.

I always find myself feeling much more sociable in the summer. In winter, my true introverted self comes out and I’m locked away under a blanket binging on The Rachel Zoe Project (remember how we all loved Rachel and Nicole Riche circa ’06?). But as soon as the sun comes out, I lightened up a little bit, quite literally, and start to warm to other human beings.

Which is why I wanted to put together the perfect summer table setting and share the five ingredients you need to do this same, and although there’s no winning formula when it comes to these things I feel, I’ve always found success in following this pattern.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix & Match Crockery

We all know my love for pink so as soon as I spotted this 12-piece stoneware dinner set (£17.99) in a Barbie shade, I knew it would add the perfect pop of colour to my summer table setting. But as you can see, I’ve also teamed it with a mix of various bowls and serving trays I’ve picked up along the years to create more of an eclectic look. The key is to pick 2-3 colours and base your styling around those shades.

Utilise The Space You Have

Just because I live in an open-plan apartment with no defined dining area, it doesn’t mean I can’t invite friends over for dinner. By adding a round table and curved chairs, I’ve been to create an entertaining ‘zone’, which can then be pushed back neatly into the corner when not in use. The curves keep the flow of the room moving and softens the space completely. You can buy similar pink velvet dining chairs from Studio to create a similar look.

What’s Your Theme?

Ok, so although I like my gatherings to be relaxed and lot more Phoebe than Monica let’s say, I still think it’s a nice idea to invite friends over for a purpose. One thing I’d like to do this summer is invite some of friends around for a vision board party and write down our goals for the season ahead.

Even though I adore summer, I love that back-to-school feeling and I think inviting everyone over with a brand new planner (seen here in my new round woven straw basket bag), magazines to cut from and a couple of hours for ourselves could be a great way to spend a summer afternoon (with the balcony doors open and mocktails flowing).

Create The Right Kind Of Atmosphere

If you’re hosting on an evening, creating the right kind of atmosphere is essential and that’s why you need to turn off the overhead light, turn on a mood lighting and light some candles. I absolutely adore this brass industrial-inspired floor lamp, especially as it’s incredibly slimline and fits into this less than palatial corner.

There’s No Such Thing As Too Many Flowers

If someone told me there were too many flowers in this centrepiece, I’d…well this is a brand campaign so imma’ keep it professional, but let’s say they’d be pulling faux eucalyptus from their…teeth.

I’ve chosen a variety of vases in different heights and styles to create the ultimate vignette for this table setting and I love how the colours just work together, especially against the pink crockery and natural linen napkins.

If you’re not feeling fresh flowers, especially as hay fever can be a bitch at this time of the year, invest in some good quality artificial flowers like I have which will last so much longer than the real deal.

What do you think to my summer table setting inspiration? Give me your must-haves for entertaining – do you have a theme? Do you make a signature cocktail? Do you prefer a ‘picky’ lunch over something more extravagant?

And don’t forget to let me know if any of these Studio pieces catch your eye. If I had a to pick a favourite piece it would either be the bag, or the lamp. Or the crockery. OK, I’ll take it all.

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  1. 8.1.19

    Oh my goodness, this is SO GORGEOUS! I love the pink dinner set of course but that bag is pretty damn gorgeous too. Also I totally want to be invited to your summer vision boarding party! How fun does that sound! xxx