16 Wall Art Ideas For Travel Lovers

Print and Poster Wall Art Ideas For Travel Lovers

Putting aside for a moment the fact that my landlord may have some very strong feelings about a number of holes I’ve left on my apartment walls, one of my favourite things to do is find beautiful wall art and create mini gallery walls throughout my home. I have a mixture of classic black and white photography prints in my monochrome bedroom, to bright and bold pieces in my living room and office makeover.

Today I wanted to share 16 of my favourite prints and posters for those of you who love to travel or who, like me at least, love to daydream about all the amazing places you’d like to visit one day. I absolutely love this mixture of posters and prints, and I think if I had to choose one, it would have to be Pink Eruption print above which would look amazing on my office shelfies. From vintage travel posters to aerial photography, I hope I’ve managed to find something for everyone with this mix.

What do you think, does anything catch your eye here? They actually look really good grouped together in a lil’ wanderlust gallery wall kind of way. Anyway, if you fall in love with any of these pieces just click below and don’t forget to leave me a comment with your favourite print out of the bunch. Have a great Sunday guys.

16 Gallery Wall Ideas for Travel Fans

1. Mosaic Fountain Print £11.95 | 2. Pink Eruption Print £21 | 3. Miami Print £16 | 4. Ipanema Everyday Life Print £24 | 5. Cloud Print £24 | 6. Marrakech Facade Poster £11.95 | 7. Tropical Beach £21.95 | 8. Art Print Mini £18 | 9. Cali Vibe Print £14 | 10. Summer is Ready £16 | 11. 83 Oranges Ocean Print £29 | 12. At The Pool £24 | 13. Palm Trees Print £16 | 14. Plant on Pink £11.95 | 15. Hiroshi Nagai £16 | 16. Sunset Hues £12

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  1. This is right up my street 🙂 I adore travel prints, particularly ones of beaches and the sea and all things tropical. I want to get more at some point so I’ve pinned this post to remind me! x


  2. Oh wow that pink eruption is actually the most beautiful. I might have to get that for my room, it would be a real eye catcher!

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