featured in style at home magazine

Way back in August last year, Style at Home magazine descended on my house to shoot my spare bedroom-come-office makeover and this month it finally landed in print for all to see. It’s such an amazing feeling to have a magazine as huge as Style at Home – the third biggest selling interiors magazine in the UK – think my interior design was good enough to feature across five pages. Five whopping pages people.

What was even better though was the fact that Cassie Pryce the stylist didn’t really change anything that I’d done in the room to get it ready, apart from straightening my pink throw (I’d dumped it on the bed in a not-sure-what-to-do-with-this manner) and arrange things so they were in proportion when Jamie Mason the photographer got to work. It was also great to get to see how, as an interior stylist, Cassie got to work on creating a feature like this – especially as this is basically my dream job. She answered so many of my questions and if you’re looking for some interior inspiration then I’d definitely recommend giving her personal Instagram account a follow here.

featured in style at home magazinefeatured in style at home magazine

The room actually looks much bigger than it is real life, thanks to Jamie’s wide angle lens (that must be why my thighs look wide, nothing to do with my addiction to chicken nuggets last year). I didn’t actually realise the magazine was out until my friend texted me to say how proud she was, whilst reading it on the train. Running to the shop a minute later, completely out of breath and swearing never to run again, I snapped up every copy they had on offer. One day I’ll be able to show to this my children and say “look at how nice Mummy’s house was before you brats came along”.

You might have picked this up already but if not, you can have a read the full feature here. I really do love how this space turned out and although it doesn’t look as styled as this right now, it’s still the perfect space for guests to stay but also for me to blog. As always with Style at Home magazine, you can find a full shopping list below in case anything catches your eye.

featured in style at home magazinefeatured in style at home magazine

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