Interior Styling Tips By The Green Eyed Girl

Interior stylist Claire Wainwright shares 3 easy interior styling tips to create a stylish home, from plumping cushions to dressing the bed.

At the start of 2017 I said I really wanted to collaborate more with like-minded bloggers, whether that be spreading the love on social media or taking part in a blog swap. Today I’m doing the latter as I welcome interior stylist and founder of lifestyle blog The Green Eyed Girl, Claire Wainwright, to share her top three tips for styling your home like the professionals do. Claire has a gorgeous sense style – see above – and I’ve actually featured her home in a post previously which you can read here.

And as part of our collaboration, I’m also over on Claire’s blog showing you how to achieve that effortless Californian vibe in your own home so make sure you pop over and check that out too – I suspect you’ll be sticking around to read much more than my post. So without further ado, over to you Claire….

Hi Apartment Number 4 readers! I am so excited to be ‘blog swapping’ with Victoria today and to be sharing my top three interior styling tips with you here on Apartment Number 4.

I am a self-confessed interiors addict and alongside writing my interiors and lifestyle blog The Green Eyed Girl, I work full time for an interior design company. We mainly design and style show homes which means not only am I surrounded by beautiful interior goodness every day, but I have learned so many things that I am able to use in my own life and home.

And that means I can sure them with you too. These really simple tips and tricks have been invaluable in elevating my home from nice to WOW and I’m certain they will do the same for your home too.

Styling the sofa with cushions and throws

Plump up your cushions

There is no doubt that sofas, chairs and beds look much better with a carefully curated selection of cushions on top of them, but a
limp and feeble cushion will ruin it completely – you need big, plump cushions. The best way to achieve this look is to use cushion inners/pads that are filled with feathers and ditch the polyester fillings that they probably came with. Not only does this make cushions look much more luxurious, but it is so much more comfortable too.

To make them look really plump and lovely, or after they have been squished a bit, give them a vigorous shake from each corner. They’ll never lose their form like the polyester-filled cushions and will always come back to looking good.

To get the ‘squeezed-in’ look, give them a karate chop with two hands across the middle, then one in the top (shouting hi-ha when you do it
is optional).

Insider tip: To give them a really full and luxelook, put feather inners in that are one or two sizes BIGGER than your cushion
cover. They normally sized in inches that go up in twos – so for an 18-inch cushion cover, use a 22-inch inner. They’ll fit in no problem and look amazing. (Image credit)

Interior stylist Claire Wainwright shares 3 easy interior styling tips to create a stylish home, from plumping cushions to dressing the bed.

 Master the art of art

Coming from someone who lived in a house with not even one piece of artwork up for over four years, I can tell you from personal
experience what huge difference it makes to include well thought out art in a room. It will make your house homely, create impact and a focal point and make the rest of your decor pop.

And it is important to note that art does not need to be an expensive one-off.  It can be anything from your own photos to your children’s drawings – treat it well and it will treat you well.

The first thing to make sure is that your art and pictures are big enough for the space you want them in. If not, then group with other complimentary pieces. A row of three looks good, as does four in a quad and of course, gallery walls add so much interest to any space. They don’t need to be part of a set but can be hinged together with subject theme or colour.

To help decide where you should put artwork up, stand in the doorway of the room. That first patch of wall your eyes reach is your first
impression when entering the room and a striking piece of art will work wonders here.

A common error is hanging art too high so ensure you hang it at eye level. And finally, pay attention to the framing. Different frames and mounts make such a difference to the overall look and can take a piece of art from boring to wow. There is so much easily available now and the framing can make as much of a statement as the art itself can. (Image credit)

Interior stylist Claire Wainwright shares 3 easy interior styling tips to create a stylish home, from plumping cushions to dressing the bed.

 Layer your bed

Ever wondered why hotel beds always look so inviting? They layer them up to create interest that begs you to jump in and get cosy.

Start with a decent duvet and pillows – again, feather looks lovely and plump rather than flat and empty. Next, layer over a throw; the size is important – you’ll need something big enough to reach over both sides of the bed.  Then add cushions – three or five is good but four will look great too. You’ll want to have two larger ones at the back, with smaller ones coming forward. If you can add another throw on then all the better.

Don’t be afraid to use complementing colours for your sheets – a different colour base sheet or back pillow cases to your duvet cover will help create the layered look. Different textures, meanwhile, make your bed look and feel wonderful – go for soft cotton or linen sheets, faux fur or velvet cushions and knitted throws. (Image credit)

Insider tip: Iron the bed sheets once they are on your bed.

To read more of my interior styling tips, head over to my blog where you can sign up for my newsletter and receive the rest of my interior
stylist tricks in my ‘8 interior stylist tricks you can use in your own home’ booklet direct to your inbox, for free. Also, don’t forget to read Victoria’s post over on my blog today in this style block.

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  1. 6.3.17
    Jane said:

    These are all such lovely interior designs! What makes all these rooms work, is the simplicity and calming colour choices. Soft pinks matched with greys and whites are very much in-style at the moment – and no wonder why! They tie in so perfectly together!

  2. 6.3.17
    Antonia said:

    Well, what can I say? I love Claire's style and really enjoyed your post over on her blog. I'm itching to make a few changes to my own home after reading. Great collaboration, looking forward to more!