Undeniably Pretty Kitchen Updates From Russell Hobbs

Post in partnership with Studio.co.uk as part of my brand ambassadorship

Today I wanted to share two new additions to my kitchen in the shape of these gorgeous white gloss and chrome kettle and toaster set from Russell Hobbs, direct from Studio.co.uk.

As you know over the last two years I’ve been working with Studio.co.uk as a brand ambassador for them to showcase just how many gorgeous homeware pieces they have. This year they absolutely stepped up the mark and it’s become increasingly difficult to not pick everything to show you! I know, first world decor problems, right?

But today I wanted to share the latest designs from Russell Hobbs Inspire kitchen collection. I love the blend of modern and traditional when it comes to this collection – the silhouette is definitely reminiscent of a more retro kettle and toaster, but the contemporary finish brings them bang up to date.

With a blue and grey kitchen design, these slotted in effortlessly and while most people don’t have the surface space for a 4-slice toaster, this is too pretty to hide away in my opinion.

To get down to the nitty gritty, with the Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle (priced at £39.99) you’re looking at a premium plastic textured jug, with a 1.7L capacity, easy to view water window, 360 degrees cordless base, and removable/washable limescale filter.

The Russell Hobbs Inspire Toaster meanwhile, is perfect for those family breakfasts, with 4 slice compartments (is that what we’re calling them as opposed to toast holes, or toast slots?) so everyone can enjoy toast at the same without waiting for the next round to warm up.

Available in the same white ridged gloss finish, the toaster features 6 browning levels, cancel/reheat/defrost function and high lift function for ease. This design also features a ‘lift and look’ ability so you’re able to check on the progress at any time without cancelling the cycle. Who knew a toaster could be so user friendly?!

I love how these brighten up the kitchen counter top so much – I didn’t expect white appliances to make sure a difference to the overall look of the kitchen but they really do. And if I’m being completely honest, I’ve normally been under the impression that white gloss can look…well, cheap. But Russell Hobbs and Studio have absolutely changed my mind on this.

Be sure to check out the brand new AW19 homeware collection at Studio – I’ll often share some of my favourite things on Instagram Stories if you’re following me there, and I’m excited to share some new bedroom updates come October when I’m back blogging after my break in LA.

What do you think to these latest kitchen updates? Are you more of a modern or traditional kitchen appliance buyer? I bet you’ve never been asked that before have you!

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