Why I’m Proud To Be A Northern Blogger

Northern blogger Victoria Jackson editor of Apartment Number 4

I’m a northern blogger, a Leeds girl born and bred, and despite living in Newcastle, Preston and London for a number of years of my life, I’m always happy to return to the city I call home. What I didn’t realise until a couple of years ago was how amazing the creative side of this city was. Before I moved to London in 2013, I thought the very core of the blogging world was there. I thought it was the epicentre of talent, and don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing writers, photographers and content creators there. More than amazing in fact.

But we’ve also got some bloody amazing talent up north too.

I have to be honest, living up north can sometimes be a struggle when you’re looking to build your blog. It’s certainly not impossible, and there are brands out there that do host events outside the capital, but the number of invites I have to turn down because of travel costs and time is obscene. I’ll always make the effort for the right networking opportunity and have been known to travel after work and get the very last train back to Leeds so spend an hour at an event because I wanted to support a product launch, but most northern bloggers will understand the perils of having to say no to amazing invites in London because of Mr Branson and his Virgin train fairs.

I can see a change on the horizon though. A glimmer of light in the direction of the M62.

The Northern Blog Awards were held in Manchester this weekend in celebration of all the amazing content creators we have across the north of the country, from Liverpool to Hull to Newcastle to Leeds and every else in between. It was a chance for those people who sometimes struggle to be seen in the heavily populated blogging world to have the spotlight for a moment.

The event itself was great, produced by the team behind WeBlogNorth. From food blogs to parenting blogs, fashion, design and so much more, the evening was about showing recognition and rewarding some of the most talented people in the industry.

When I was sat at the dinner table, in a haze from the most delicious pudding I’ve put in my mouth all year, looking around a room filled with 200 of the best content creators in the country, I realised how proud I was being part of the northern blogging community. There’s no denying we’re a friendly bunch, and the level of support I continue to get from my fellow northern bloggers is insane.

This isn’t about a north-south divide by the way. I know how fiercely proud Londoners are of their city. I felt it in the air when I lived there. I remember a girl once describing her love for London to me and all I could do was smile and think, that’s exactly how I feel about Leeds.

That night made us all forget the pointless Twitter dramas and the worries over Instagram for a second. It made us realise that we’re all out here trying to do our thing, building our empires, and regardless of whether you’re in the north or the depths of Devon, we should all be proud of what we’re achieving. I know I am.

I won the award for Best Pinterest Account on the night by the way, but you know, I’m just over here polishing my trophy, remaining as humble as Mariah Carey being fed grapes from a semi-naked dancer…

P.S Shout out to the gorgeous Rhianna for taking this snap of me before the event. It’s very rare you one, get to see a picture of me on here, especially with the girls out, and two such a dark and moody shot. Blush pink and white will resume later this week.

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  1. 9.19.17

    Congratulations Victoria! I really love your blog & you are a true inspiration.

    xoxo Violeta, your Shoegal Out In The World

  2. 9.20.17
    Karen said:

    Absolutely huge congrats hun! Long live the North! Gutted I missed you on Saturday. Hopefully pop into you at another blog event soon πŸ™‚

  3. 9.21.17

    Congratulations on your award! So very well deserved; and what a gorgeous picture too. I’m near Manchester now and unfortunately couldn’t make it to the blog awards this time round (hopefully next year because there are SO many people I want to meet in person), but can certainly vouch for the blogging community up this way ☺️ Although I’ve moved about a little in my life, my heart has always been in Lancashire, but the cost involved to attend the majority of events is insane! Here’s hoping more brands spread their wings past the M1!


  4. 10.4.17
    Caroline said:

    Firstly, many congrats to you lovely. So well deserved. You’ve had an amazing year, with still months left. I hope you have your hat on for 2018!? :p
    I definitely agree that the North really does house some amazing talent. Though I really hope that brands get onboard and realise this and offer more Birmingham upwards! London may be our capital, but it’s not the end of the country.
    I do suffer from FOMO when I receive emails to events down there, but I’m really happy doing my thing up here.

    Love this shot by the way!