My Love Affair With Modern Italian Design

Today I'm introducing the brand new exclusive Nicoletti Home collection for Furniture Village, which captures everything I love about Modern Italian interior design. Discover more here.

Working as the editor of a menswear magazine by day means I’m lucky enough to travel throughout the season to various places through Europe. One of those being Florence. If you’ve ever visited this Italian city, you’ll know just how beautiful it is. From the Renaissance architecture – the Duomo is probably the most picturesque building I’ve ever seen in my life – to the delicious food, it’s one place I revel in returning to year after year.

Sophistication runs in the blood of Italian design. And I don’t just mean fashion, although I’m not sure there’s anyone who can create a suit to fit the female form quite like Armani can. Italian interior design is bold, elegant and dare I say it, sexy.

Although I love the rich history of Italian design – to be surrounded by greats such as Michelangelo, the Colosseum and Da Vinci must have been an inspiration for so many designers – I sit firmly in the Modern Italian interior design camp.

I think it has something to do with the sleek, clean lines and luxe finishes – think chrome against velvet, marble, leather and glass. And the beauty of Modern Italian design is that it still has a minimalist element to it, unlike traditional Italian design which is far removed from understated.

Today I'm introducing the brand new exclusive Nicoletti Home collection for Furniture Village, which captures everything I love about Modern Italian interior design. Discover more here.

With all this said, I wanted to take today to introduce you to the brand new Nicoletti Home collection, which is exclusive to Furniture Village. For those that are not familiar, Nicoletti is an Italian furniture company which prides itself on handcrafting innovative and luxurious designs for everyday living. Which is why the collaboration with Furniture Village is perfect for those looking to add a little Italian flair to their home here in the UK.

I was lucky enough to speak to Malcom Walker, director of buying, at Furniture Village, recently, to find out more about the new range.

Thanks so much Malcom for taking the time to chat. First, could you explain more about the recently launched Nicoletti collection?

The inimitable style of contemporary Italian furniture continues to be coveted by those looking to bring a sense of refined elegance to their home. As Furniture Village is committed to offering the best global brands to its customers, Nicoletti is the perfect addition to our portfolio and a great choice for those who desire a modern Italian look.

Handmade in Matera, a UNESCO world heritage site in the south of Italy, Nicoletti furniture is characterised by an unparalleled combination of style and comfort.

We have worked closely with the Nicoletti team to develop an exclusive collection for Furniture Village – Nicoletti Home. Each piece is made to the highest standards, combining authentic craftsmanship with modern technology. We have purposely chosen to offer flexible solutions, allowing people to handpick a personalised combination of corner groups, sofas and occasional chairs, all available in a variety of fine Italian fabrics and leathers.

Additional innovations to look out for in the Nicoletti Home collection include the integration of USB-ports allowing homeowners to charge their smartphones or plug-in speakers from the comfort of their chair.

I know from my career in fashion, Italian tailoring is renowned to be some of the best in the world. What characteristics of Italian craftsmanship make it so recognisable worldwide?

It’s all about attention to detail. From expertly cutting fabric and leather to precise sewing by world-class seamstresses, the reputation of fine Italian tailoring has been hard-earned and deservedly so.

Nicoletti has been awarded the prestigious 100% Made in Italy accreditation. This sought-after endorsement certifies the entire product in made in Italy using only natural Italian materials of the finest quality.

Today I'm introducing the brand new exclusive Nicoletti Home collection for Furniture Village, which captures everything I love about Modern Italian interior design. Discover more here.

How many pieces are within this range?

This Nicoletti Home collection features seven ranges: Alcova, Azione, Eleganza, Lucano, Movimento, Novita and Vincitore. All ranges are available in a variety of sizes, and can be customised with different coloured fabrics and leathers to create an individual piece.

Do you have a favourite piece in the collection? I’d say mine is the Novita Swing Fabric armchair in that beautiful orange shade as it creates such a statement.

My favourite model would have to be the Nicoletti Movimento Recliner Corner Chaise, as its deep, luxurious foam-filled seat and optional touch sensitive power recliners make this a stylish and superbly comfortable choice.

The collection feels very modern, with its sleek clean lines and pared back detail. Do you think it could still work in more traditional spaces?

Absolutely, contrasting contemporary Italian furniture with more traditional surroundings creates a wonderfully exciting scheme. The clean smooth lines of our Nicoletti Home collections don’t fight with period features, so customers can be confident it will work well and look great.

With every piece handmade in Italy, what is the lead time for customers making a bespoke order?

The lead time on these pieces is around 9 weeks.

In three words describe the Nicoletti Home collection…

Style, comfort, innovation.

With Furniture Village stores nationwide, and with collections available online, there’s every reason to check out the luxe feel of the Nicoletti Home collection for yourself – especially with an extra 25% off sale prices right now. Let me know below if you’re a fan of Italian interior design, whether that be traditional or modern.

*Post in partnership with Furniture Village, but a love of Italian design all my own.

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