How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Relaxing Sanctuary

Today we're partnering with British furniture company, Willow & Hall, to share 7 ways of how to turn your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

Creating a space where you can escape from the world and totally turn off is a must-have in any home, especially in the kind of fast-paced, must-read, must-have, must-swipe environment we live in right now. I love nothing better than climbing into bed after a long day, switching my phone off and just decompressing. I’ve written about my girl boss evening routine here to make sure I tick off all my goals and to-do lists for the day ahead, but today I’m working with British homeware brand Willow & Hall to share some of my favourite ways to create a relaxing sanctuary of your very own. Replicating that elusive feeling of being away in a five star hotel is easy with these seven steps.

Why choosing the right bed is essential

The most important element to any bedroom is the bed. From the mattress to the design of the bed itself, this piece of furniture has the ability to literally change your life. We all know how difficult the day feels when you’re running on a poor night’s sleep, which is why investing in somewhere comfortable for 8 hours a night is absolutely necessary in my opinion.

Willow & Hall have just released 12 new upholstered bedstead designs and my goodness, every single one of these are stunning. From the eclectic Sandridge bed in a beautiful matt mallard coloured velvet above, to the contemporary Widham in French blue cotton, there really is something to suit each interior design style. I mentioned on twitter how obsessed I’d become with investing in an upholstered bed, mainly because they look incredibly chic. Right now I’m the owner of a flatpack, popular-with-bloggers, white metal bedframe, but I think as a fully-fledged grown up, it’s about time I invest in a fully-fledged grown-up’s bed.

If you’re an avid reader of Apartment Number 4, you’ll know how much I strive to support British brands, especially those helping to revive manufacturing here in the UK. Willow & Hall do just that, with over 35 years on producing beautiful pieces of furniture on home soil. With over an incredible 100 fabrics to choose from, and a huge range of bed silhouettes, the beauty of this brand is that you’re able to create a piece of furniture personalised exactly to your taste.

Today we're partnering with British furniture company, Willow & Hall, to share 7 ways of how to turn your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

What colour should you paint your bedroom?

There are so many rules when it comes to colour, but I’m more of a “go with what you love” kind of girl. I would personally, however, always go with a calming shade of grey, blue, off-white or blush pink when painting a room I want to relax in. For me, having vibrant shades in the bedroom doesn’t help me turn off. I need to be in a tranquil environment, and I create that by surrounding myself with tranquil shades. As you can see from the picture above, having a light Dove grey on the walls not only makes the room look lighter and more spacious but it has an instantly calming effect.

Declutter your space

Although you don’t have to necessarily go all Marie Kondo and completely clear out your room, it’s about creating an environment where your mind can switch off – tidy things away, hang clothes up, pile books up neatly and create some white space so you can drift off into a deep, deep slumber. Plus, having a tidy home will benefit you in so many other ways including your concentration and your creativity.

Today we're partnering with British furniture company, Willow & Hall, to share 7 ways of how to turn your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

Make sure the temperature is just right

How difficult is it to sleep when it’s too warm? Or when you just can’t get warm enough on a cold winter’s night? The ideal room temperature is approx. 65 degrees so either keep a window slightly open if you can drift off to outside noise in summer, or pop a cashmere or lambswool blanket on the bottom of your bed to tuck into each night in the cooler months.

Keep the light out

If you can invest in some black out curtains or blinds, I’d definitely recommend doing so. It’s a little disconcerting when you first wake up as you have no way of knowing if it’s day time, but you’ll sleep so much better. I always turn my phone screen on to the lowest brightness level so if for some reason I need to look at my phone in the middle of the night (it will always be on plane mode so no notifications come through), it doesn’t wake me up completely. If you’re not able to invest in black out blinds or curtains just yet, don’t worry – an eye mask will do exactly the same job for a fraction of the price.

Invest in comfort

Finally, making sure you have a mattress with your desired firmness is key to a great night’s sleep and with a selection of handcrafted in the UK mattresses from Willow & Hall, including the Bigley, which features insulator layers on both sides of the mattress, and the Imber, which includes visco memory foam to mould perfectly to your body. Up until recently I never really paid much attention to the bedsheets I bought – that was until I picked up some Egyptian cotton ones and I can’t tell you how nice they were to sleep on instead of my budget supermarket finds.

Play to your senses

I’ve mentioned my love for candles on the bedside table before, but there really isn’t anything better than lighting a relaxing scented candle before bedtime as you’re reading or listening to a podcast – you could also consider a diffuser if you’re into essential oils. I’m also a big fan of having a mini spa routine before bedtime, which signals to my body it’s time to start winding down, so I’ll add a nourishing moisturiser, deep conditioning hand cream, lip balm and sometimes a hair mask and let them do their magic as I get my eight hours.

So there you have it – seven changes you can make to your room to create a little sanctuary of your own. Why not try some of these this weekend and let me know how you get on.

Thank you to Willow & Hall for partnering with me for this feature. As always, I will only work with brands that fit with the ethos of Apartment Number 4, which is always to help and inspire you, the readers.

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    Jenny said:

    Great advice Victoria. I believe it’s so important to get a good quality mattress. We have blackout blinds and they really help to keep the light out x

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