Why & How To Purchase A Carpet Online

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How to buy a carpet online
Brintons in Dune Moire

I’m almost certain that as I write this, a large percentage of readers will have sat at home over the last couple of weeks and made a mental note of things they’d like to change around the house. Never before have we spent so much time indoors and sooner or later, if it hasn’t already, I suspect the want to redecorate will hit.

Having a home you feel happy in is essential to our wellbeing. With the stress of everyday life, we want our homes to feel like a sanctuary we can escape to. You want to feel content, balanced and have a space which you love returning to each day.

One of the most important elements to a warm and welcoming home is what you choose to have under your feet the moment you walk in through the door.

Today I wanted to introduce you to a brand I spotted on a friend’s Instagram after she shared a beautiful rug she’d added to her living room. A quick investigation later led me to Designer Carpet.

How to buy a carpet online
Brintons in Timorous Beasties Platinum Grain Du Bois

Established in 2011 in Derby, this British carpet and rug company is slightly different to others in the fact that it runs solely online (which is why I thought they were perfect to share how to buy a carpet online), optimising the business by moving to an e-commerce experience only but without losing the premium and personal customer experience shoppers expect.

But how exactly do you shop for carpet online? As Designer Carpet operates online only, they understand that customers still want to get a feel for carpet textures, colours and finishes in real life. Hence why they offer a free sample option, allowing shoppers to order 4 samples per order to test in their homes, making it easier for you to whittle down your choice.

Another great element of the brand’s service is allowing the customer to choose date of delivery so they are able to get fitters booked for the same period and not have large rolls of carpet taking up space.

Jute runner for landing
Alternative Flooring in Jute Cotton Herringbone Mouse

Offering luxury names such as Brintons, Crucial Trading, Kersaint Cobb, Alternative Flooring, Westex and many others, Designer Carpet also offers a made to measure rug service. As mentioned earlier, the made-to-measure rug service was actually the first thing that initially drew me to the brand, but how exactly does it work?

“A customer can either go through our bespoke rug builder, which will allow them to filter down to the most relevant brands. The filters include brand, type, style, colour and border (cotton herringbone, jute or whipped). Samples of the centres and borders are available so customers can ensure that the colours and materials work well together,” explains the brand.

“As any remnant can be made into a rug, customers can also click “Create A Bespoke Rug” on a remnant product page which takes them through a mini rug builder tool on the page itself. 

“Once a combination has been chosen then it is sent through to be sourced and handmade by our expert team in Derbyshire. It is then prepared for Stainguarding (if applied) and shipping. As with all our orders, we contact the customer directly to find the best time for the product to be delivered (within 1-2 weeks from start to finish) so they are in full control.”

How to buy a carpet online
Intercontinental Trading in Atmosphere Blue Shadow

As more people are renting than ever before it’s interesting to hear from Designer Carpet how rug orders are becoming increasingly popular as they allow for a level of flexibility that fitted carpet does not. “As hardwood and tiled flooring becomes more popular we find that people want to include some comfort underfoot, which is another big advantage for our rugs,” explains the brand.

Although buying a carpet isn’t normally trend driven, there is certainly a movement to more natural choices, the team tell me, with seagrass, sisal and jute becoming some of the most searched terms over to the season, offering a more sustainably sourced option, as well as being much more hard wearing then their softer counterparts.

Designer Carpet
Alternative Flooring in Wool Pinstripe Bone Olive

Finally, I asked Designer Carpet to give me their top three tips on how to buy a carpet online to help those of you who have just purchased your first home or what to update the home you’re currently in.

Tips On How To Buy A Carpet Online

Measure dimensions first:

This means you know exactly what sizes you are looking for when it comes to purchasing and can speed up the buying process. It also means you can be much more specific when searching for remnants that could fit your space. By going into the buying process with as much information as possible means you are prepared and ready to order a lot sooner.

Order samples:

This purchase could last over a decade so make sure you are happy with how it looks and feels by ordering free samples of all of the options that you like.

Make sure you use a registered fitter:

It’s common for people to think they can lay the carpet themselves and whilst this is possible we would always recommend using a qualified fitter. These can be found in your local area by searching the National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers website: nicfltd.org.uk/

Imagine finding the perfect carpet, paying for it, having it delivered to then just ruin it by fitting it improperly or by actually damaging the carpet.

Have you ever considered purchasing something as important as carpet online before? What’s the first thing you plan on updating in your house as soon as life returns to normal?

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