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You may remember last year when I announced I was lucky enough to be signed by British retailer Studio to be a brand ambassador (read the post here how I manifested it). Well, in January of this year the team reached out again and said they’d love to continue working together for another 8 months (not to sound gushy but the email came through at the perfect time to put a smile on my face), meaning that I can showcase even more of their affordable interiors collections – spoiler alert, this season’s collection blow’s last year’s out of the water.

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Heading over to Accrington earlier this month to meet with the Studio team again, it was clear to see some changes had taken place. With a new marketing director, a new brand image and mission statement, everyone seemed…revitalised.

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In the post above, you’ll be able to discover more about the history of Studio but moving forward the brand’s mission is to be the nation’s leading multi-range digital value retailer. They’re doing for online what Primark are doing for the high street if you like (except with higher quality products, no shade).

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As we sat and listened to the new direction, the brand values were explained, under the banner of the brand’s new tagline, We Do Wow. The new chapter at Studio is about inclusivity, it’s about trust, the savvy shopper and amazing products.

You may have noticed Studio popping up on your televisions a lot more recently and that’s thanks to investment in peak advertising and the official sponsorship of This Morning’s Fashion segment.

And although fashion is a focus for the brand, interiors and personalisation is where they’re looking for continued growth.

I suspect the best move for Studio is the launch of cash payment due this summer. Up until now you were required to open a credit account, much like the model Very and Next had. But with the customer wanting products at a faster rate, the company knew this needed to be updated and to allow shoppers to purchase directly with debit card.

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The interiors buying team spoke directly to us about the trends they’re excited about for 2019 including Tribal Living (geo prints, earth tones, splashes of ochre, stripes, Aztec prints), Neon Tropics (greens, text use on bedding and soft furnishings, coloured knitted pieces), and Boho Chic (pastels, splashes of coral, mixed textures).

One thing I did want to touch upon is sustainability. With a value retailer, as we’ve found with Primark, is that fast fashion can often mean items are poorly made or get thrown away after one season.

Having worked with Studio for over a year now, I can genuinely say the quality of their products means they’re not going to be just a throw away item. Yes, there are trend pieces but last year I styled throws, candles, photo frames, lights, radios, you name it, I styled it – and everything is still sitting in my flat at this very moment in the same quality it arrived in last year.

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I’m excited to take you on this journey with me of discovering more about Studio over the next 8 months, discovering more of their stylish yet affordable interiors – if my plans work out for June’s content, I think fellow renters are going to love the second post in this installment.

Finally, I wanted to share some beautiful pieces that were included in my goodie bag for the day, with links to every product below.

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Proworks metal water bottle in gold

Morris & Co Soaps £12.99 | Velvet Rose & Blackcurrant Candle £11.99 | Pack of 2 Floral Pyjama Sets £12.00 | Gold Proworks Metal Vacuum Water Bottle £12.99

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  1. 5.30.19

    I’m amazed by the range of products they have available, and the prices are fabulous

  2. 5.31.19

    Have you lit the candle yet? It smells amazing. And I’m completely in love with those soaps x

  3. 6.2.19
    rachel said:

    Was so lovely to meet you (and a fellow follower of the Law of attraction!!) I was blown away by the styles and quality of Studio, im so excited to be on this ambassadorship with you and the other lovely ladies xx

  4. 6.13.19
    Jennie said:

    Yay, that’s a massive step in the right direction regarding payment! I’m excited to see what products you’ll recommend 🙂