If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that if anything, I’m honest. Perhaps a little too much at times. I’ll tell you how much I charge for sponsored posts, I’ll tell you how many dick pics I’m sent, hell, I’ll even put a half-naked picture of me on Twitter to highlight the fact that we should just embrace our bodies, food babies included.

So today I wanted to spill the truth about what it’s really like being an interior design blogger, and perhaps unintentionally shatter some illusions along the way. Don’t hate me fellow content creators…

Let’s start with the picture above. When you see the final image on someone’s blog, you don’t ever really spend time thinking about what could possibly be outside that crop. The white wooden carving was a last minute addition after I realised something was missing from the shot when I looked through the viewfinder. Off I nipped to The Range to see what I could find and voila, disaster averted.

Which leads me on to the point of, even if you see something in my pictures, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll ever see it again. Sometimes I’ll only buy props for a certain project and off they go back to the shop, receipt in hand because, let’s face it, this girl ain’t made of money.

There are parts of my flat that are completely off bounds to shoot in – my bathroom being the main culprit. With peeling paint on the walls, and tiles that have seen better days, you will never see bathroom content from me on Apartment Number 4 until I move into my own house and I can decorate as I please, not when my landlord gets around to fixing the ever growing problem.

I’m genuinely scared when someone asks me an interior design question, worried that I’ll be exposed for the fraud I am. Yes I have an interiors blog and yes I love to decorate, but ask me what I think will go with that massive floral rug you’ve just purchased from Next and I freeze up.

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are basically a god send. How else would I have managed to create such a light, bright space above? You can see from my reality, I’m working with some pretty harsh lighting so these two programmes allow me to elevate my surroundings slightly without going overboard and you know, photoshopping myself in New York on a flying carpet with birds flying next to me (true story, google it).

Which leads me on to blue-tack, hairspray, soap and water and kirby grips, all of which I keep close by when I’m putting a shoot together to wash off labels, to hold down rolling pencils which could test the patience of a Saint, or keeping flowers in place. If you think everything just magically stays in place when you style something, you’d be completely wrong.

There’s a certain amount of pressure to keep my apartment looking magazine-ready when I have visitors over – trust me, they’re expecting a show flat, especially after what they see on social media and my blog, and I feel obliged to somehow present that to them. Even if that means they can never go to the bathroom here and have to drive to Asda up the road.

Likewise, whenever I go to someone’s house, they instantly apologise for it not being perfect. “We’re actually planning on redoing this living room”. “Excuse the kitchen, I still need to paint the walls and stuff”. I couldn’t care less. The only thing I have on my mind is, do you have any chips and dip?

I’m always on the look out for blog props. I see a nice chopping board, the first thought that enters my mind is, “table setting post”. I stumble across a nice bottle of perfume and instantly the words “oooohhhhh flatlay” tumble out of my mouth. I’m embarrassed to tell you how many bowls, trays, plates, flowers, vases, cacti, candles and decorative bits and bobs I have in my spare bedroom, just waiting for their moment to shine.

You wonder how the hell people make any money from affiliates, especially in interiors. Last month I made £7.56. Drinks on me girls.

And finally, I constantly ask myself if I’ll ever achieve a “Pinterest-worthy” home, or if I’m always going to be a work in progress. I suspect it’s the latter and I’m hoping after this, you’ll still want to come along for the ride?