Let me welcome you, ladies and gents, to a generation who will happily add a complete stranger on social media and chat freely for hours. A generation who will leave “slayin’ girl” comments on a stranger’s selfie because we love the way she’s done her lip liner. A generation who will shallowly swipe right for a hotty and left for a notty.

Yet the question I find myself asking is, when did we become a generation who will happily, no blushes spared, send a full frontal shot of their dick before date one?

At what point did this become acceptable? Who flicked the switch from “how are you today” to “here’s my penis”? What happened to romance? Actually, what happened to meeting face to face, before you meet eyes to crotch.

Meet Generation I. Forget Z, Y and X. We’re Generation Instant. We’re a generation of instant tweeters, perfect life Instagramers, Facebook flirts, swiping left, right, up, down. Whatever the latest social technological advance may be, you can guarantee within minutes, if not seconds, this generation of tweens and twenty somethings will have it sussed. A generation of heads down, eyes down, mouths closed but brains working overtime to digest all the information we have at our fingertips as we continue to scroll through everyone else’s life whilst we ignore our own.

We want instant gratification, whether that be counting the likes to a cleverly filtered selfie or matching with a Tinder potential. We want to know it all, see it all, find it all out. Now. Not later.

But the thing this generation fails at massively is at is the inability to date the old fashioned “boy meets girl” kinda way. Technology has made us inept of romance. Without sounding like a grandma, what happened to wooing someone or keeping some mystery. This is to both guys and girls. I mean, where’s the mystery in Snapchatting your tits? It’s all part of this generation’s way of instant, disposable way of dating. We want everything so soon and that means to see nakedness before we’ve even sat down to dinner.

I miss the days of being asked out – on the telephone down the receiver, I might like to add, and meeting to have a face to face conversation. Getting to know each others likes and dislikes before finding out where your date is circumcised is always good.

I’ve been on the receiving end of a few surprise dick-pics in my time (what does this say about me?!!) and each time I sit and wonder…what am I supposed to say now? My what a wonderful foreskin you have? Or, I like the way you’ve trimmed your pubes? I’m not a prude don’t get me wrong, but what I’m saying is get to know a person before you decide to snap your piece and Whatsapp it over. Arrange a date, chat, get to know one another. Save the pictures till you’ve at least seen it real life. Or at least ask that person before you hit send.

Let’s not become Generation Inappropriate people.

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