Moroccan Bedroom Interior Inspirarion

My Moroccan Bedroom Makeover Moodboard

Moroccan Bedroom Interior Inspirarion

I had such a great reaction to my new bedroom lamp post, with many of you saying how much you loved Moroccan-inspired interiors, that I thought I’d put together a mood board of my bedroom makeover plans. As I previously mentioned, I’ve really fallen in love with the whole Moroccan, artisan trend that has dominated interior design this year and I figured it’s the perfect way to update my rented-magnolia bedroom, without needing to get the paint brush out.

Today I wanted to showcase some pieces that I plan on buying from stores such as Moroccan Bazaar, Sainsbury’s and Maisons Du Monde, but first, let’s take a look at some of the inspiration I’ve been pinning recently – just look how luxe this colour palette looks.

Moroccan Interior Inspiration Moodboard

There’s no shortage of decorative items on the high street for this interior style, and to be honest just creating this feature got me all kinds of excited about decorating. From the laser metal work in a variation of silver, gold and copper to the mix of textures, including velvet to tassels, there are so many elements that you can find to emulate this style yourself on a budget. I’ve included some pretty expensive investment pieces here, like the carved mango wood headboard, because I couldn’t not, but I’ve also added some smaller decorative bits such as the white and silver trinket dish from Moroccan Bazaar (£5) and the lantern from Marks & Spencer (£25) to help you add a little Moroccan touch to your home.

I absolutely love the calming neutral colour palette I’ve gone for below, with hints of pink throughout. Imagine crisp white bed linen with pink velvet cushions and grey embroidered cushions on top. This look relys on layering and believe me, I’m the queen of layering textures.

What do you think about this bedroom makeover mood board? Is there anything here that catches your eye?

Moroccan Interior Inspiration Moodboard1. Moroccan Pendant Light – Ocean Lighting | 2. Venetian White Pot – Moroccan Bazaar | 3. White Metal Mirror – Moroccan Bazaar | 4. Velvet Cushion Cover – H&M Home | 5. Resin Clover Frame – Oliver Bonas | 6. Mango Wood Bedside Table – Maisons Du Monde | 7. Silver Lantern – Marks and Spencer | 8. Kowalska Berber-style Rug – LaRedoute | 9. Carved Solid Mango Wood Headboard – Maisons Du Monde | 10. Hydrangeas in Glass Vase – Sainsbury’s

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  1. You know what’s really interesting here? This Moroccan look doesn’t have any dark reds or purples that you’d expect. It looks so fresh and luxurious. Love it.

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