How To Create A Sanctuary At Home This Winter

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If there’s one thing I’d like to say I’m a pro at, it’s making a space feel warm and welcoming. And while I can’t really add that to my CV, I thought what better time than winter to share some of my favourite tips and tricks on creating a home you can’t wait to get back to each evening.

One of the most important elements in retaining a high vibration and feeling happier is having somewhere you love to call home. It might be a home for now, it might be your forever home, but as long as you feel relaxed and content when you step in through the front door, then you’re on the right path.

A Warm Welcome

Before we start on the décor elements of the post, I wanted to take a moment to talk about Local Heroes. Local Heroes match skilled and vetted local tradespeople to customers who need jobs completed in their home, quickly and easily. Backed by British Gas, Local Heroes identified how difficult it can be for consumers finding a reliable and trustworthy tradesperson to do skilled jobs in homes across the United Kingdom. Three years on, the company has been on a mission to make getting jobs done, hassle-free.

Through the creation of a booking platform which puts the customer and tradesperson in control, the Local Heroes service enables consumers to book at times which suit them and provides reassurance that the work is guaranteed. Today, Local Heroes has a network of 7,000+ local companies across Britain, covering almost every job in your home from plumbing to plastering and decorating to electrics. Ensuring trust through vetting all tradespeople on the Local Heroes platform, the company aims to provide top quality, efficient service for homes across the country.

A Good Housekeeping reader recommended brand, Local Heroes also offer boiler finance options for as little as £24 a month, allowing you to winter-proof your home, whilst taking into consideration budget restrictions. The thought of having to purchase a new boiler is a stress for many homeowners every time winter comes around.

For further advice on boilers, including this post on winter-proofing your home, be sure to check out the Local Heroes website, especially if you’re at the point of praying every time you switch the damn thing on. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Be Wary Of The Clock

Switching off and having closure to the workday can be instrumental in making a home feel more relaxing. This is especially true if you work from home, where the workday can easily spill into your down time. There are some things you can do to help this however;

  • Finish your day at the same time every day if possible. When you see that clock turn 6pm, for example, close the laptop and consciously decide that the day is done.
  • Don’t bring technology into the bedroom as this will stop you from having a restful night’s sleep. The bedroom is for lots of other things other than scrolling Twitter.
  • If you work from home, be sure to close the door on your home office so you’re not tempted to go back in there. I made a conscious effort this last year to really treat my office like I would any corporate space – read, arriving on time, no eating my breakfast in front of the laptop, no sneaking back in on an evening to carry on, and no watching Youtube whilst sat in my office chair. The change has worked wonders for my productivity levels once I’m actually in the office.
  • Stop reading your emails after a certain time in the evening. I don’t read emails after 8pm, despite being self-employed and in a constant thought process that if I don’t reply straight away the job will go to someone else. It won’t. It’s there waiting for you in the morning at 9am when you start work again.

Style Your Sofa

There are two things I always tell people to invest in if they can. A high-quality mattress and a super comfortable sofa. Comfort is paramount to creating a home we love and kicking back on the sofa needs to be just that if we plan on watching the whole series of YOU on Netflix in one sitting (I’ve done this, and wow, just wait until the last couple of episodes).

I wrote this helpful guide to choosing the right sofa, but a few key points are to properly test the sofa in store, to have the right level of support for your back, and to add the right amount of cushions that don’t overwhelm or underwhelm the size of the sofa.

Add a basket to the side to store blankets and throws in for everyone, and a side table or tray is a great addition for hot chocolates and Netflix-marathon-approved snacks.

Focus On One Room At A Time

When life feels hectic, the last thing you want is to feel like you need to redo the whole house to create a sanctuary. Far from it. Even just having a corner to relax in is enough to make you feel at peace once you return home.

For example, if you have children and there’s no real point in constantly tidying away toys, you might want to create a small space in the spare room where you can retreat to, to clear your mind, journal, meditate, and visualise.

All you need is soft lighting, warmth, somewhere comfortable to sit (a floor cushion or beanbag could be perfect for this) and a sign for the door to tell people you’re having a little me time.

Or perhaps you can turn the bathroom into a spa, even just for an hour. Buy some super soft towels (don’t always save the best for guests!) and block out some time to soak in the bath, face mask on and your favourite book to hand.

Add Your Memories

Do you want to know what can stir up the most amazing feeling of contentment and comfort? Seeing your own memories and treasures around the house.

The reason you don’t feel entirely comfortable in a hotel room is because you don’t have your own belongings around you, so whether you’ve just moved into your home and you’re still unpacking, or if like me, all your memories are on social media as opposed to printed out and framed, make it your mission this year to fill your home with treasures, memories and people you love.

These are just a few ways you can turn your home into more of a sanctuary this winter, creating a space you can’t wait to get back to and rest in.

This post is in conjunction with Local Heroes but all thoughts are my own

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