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When you reach a certain age, skin care becomes such a pivotal part of your day-to-day routine. You start investing a little more money and a lot more time in really trying to keep wrinkles under control, fine lines at bay and your skin plump and hydrated. I know when I reached my 30s I made a conscious effort to drink a lot more water, I gave up caffeine (which had an amazing effect on the obvious dullness of my skin) and I started to research ways in which I could keep my face looking as if it still belonged to a 20-something. I don’t necessarily agree with botox or fillers personally, but absolutely each to their own – who knows how I’ll feel when I’m older. But for now, I’d rather invest in quality products that I believe really work.

So I start every day with a full cleanse, tone and moisturise – now knowing not to swipe the toner on my cheeks as this was previously drying them out – before gently patting some eye cream in. When I return from work, I’ll do exactly the same again, except this time adding some calming eye lotion and beginning with the newest addition to my routine – the Skin Renewal Treatment from Swiss Clinic.

Swiss Clinic Skin Rejuvenating Treatment Swiss Clinic Skin Rejuvenating Treatment Skin Roller

What is the Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal Treatment?

Swiss Clinic, for those who are unfamiliar, is a Switzerland-based skin care company who focus on products and treatments which enhance your beauty naturally, with salon results at home. The latest addition to the roster of products Swiss Clinic offers is the Skin Renewal Treatment.

How this works is a combination of two products – the skin roller and the rejuvenating serum. With 540 micro-needles attached, the roller makes tiny holes in the skin, causing it to respond as if it’s been damaged. The science behind this is that it triggers the healing process of the skin’s surface, promoting the production of collagen and helping the skin to absorb large amounts of the ingredients from the rejuvenating serum.

If you thought running 540 needles over your face might feel a tad uncomfortable, you really needn’t worry. With a needle length of 0.2mm, it has a tingling feeling but that’s as far as it goes in terms of sensations. For deeper scars and older skin, there is also a 0.5mm roller, but it’s always recommended to start with the smaller needles first to gauge your initial reaction.

The key here is to not rush the treatment. Set some time aside in your evening routine to really work the skin roller over your face and make sure you move it back and forth with straight and firm strokes. Also, try to make sure you roll in multiple directions – vertically, horizontally and diagonally – for 2-3 minutes. This helps to not only shift dead skin cells but to create fresh ones, but please don’t be alarmed if your skin starts to look all kinds of red. This is supposed to happen as the blood rushes to the surface – I would, however, do this treatment as part of your evening routine only as it does take a little while for the redness to go down and you don’t want to be applying a heavy layer of makeup on to the skin after you’ve opened it up like this.

Swiss Clinic Skin Rejuvenating Treatment Serum

So what’s the next step?

After I’ve washed my hands and sprayed the roller with the Swiss Clinic sanitising spray, the second step is to pump two to three drops of the Skin Renewal serum on to my fingers and gently rub in to cover the full face. The serum stimulates and renews the skin, designed to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars. I have a number of scars on my face from having a mild case of acne a couple of years back, and I can honestly say I’ve seen improvement in the visibility of these, especially around my chin and jawline. My skin was left feeling soft, visibly plumper and my pores definitely seemed to have minimised.

For the best results, Swiss Clinic advise to use this treatment for a week and then give your skin a rest before resuming the treatment a week later. I’ve been using this combination for 4 weeks now but I couldn’t be happier. The serum dries into the skin incredibly quickly and doesn’t leave an oily film, which sometimes happens with creams designed to be left on overnight. At £99 for the roller and serum combination it’s slightly more than what I’d usually pay for a skin care routine addition, but once you’ve bought the roller you can top up the serum for £69 – and with such little needed on a daily basis, it will last a good couple of months. However, if you were looking to just purchase one of the two, for now, I’d recommend buying the skin roller (£42) first as this really can do wonders on its own.

Swiss Clinic Skin Rejuvenating Treatment Skin Needle RollerSwiss Clinic Skin Rejuvenating Treatment Serum

Would I Recommend Swiss Clinic?

Absolutely. Although I’m not a beauty blogger, I hope I’ve gained enough trust with you guys, the readers, to know when I post about a product or range, it’s because it really is worth the hype in my opinion. I’m also fairly experienced in bad skin days so I’m always happy to pass my judgement on products that claim to be miracle workers. And while I don’t believe in miracles, this duo comes as close as it’s ever going to get. Now part of my monthly routine, I’m excited to see how much more my skin improves in the future.

Have you ever tried a skin roller before? What’s your absolute number one skincare must-have?

Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal Treatment was £99 now £84

This is a paid promotion in collaboration with Swiss Clinic but as always, I only feature brands I truly love and fit in with the ethos of Apartment Number 4 – the inspire and inform you, the readers. 

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  1. This product looks and sounds amazing.
    Like you, I hit 30 and all of a sudden realised I needed to do more to help myself. So, more water and a proper skincare routine.
    I currently swear by and always return to Liz Earle. But I must say, that little roller is quite enticing!


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