Beating The January Blues With Christy

Today I'm sharing how I try to beat the January blues in conjunction with Christy Home, including a giveaway of bedroom and bathroom goodies to update your home.

How are you feeling right now? Still feeling as motivated and pumped to take on the New Year as you were January the 1st? Yeah, me neither. To be honest, I’ve been feeling a little blue.

It’s not an easy thing to admit out loud when you’re struggling with negative thoughts, especially when usually your whole attitude to life is to see the positives. I’m the biggest advocate of positive thinking so to sit here and write that only last weekend, I dropped so far into a black hole of negative thoughts I couldn’t climb out, is pretty rubbish.

You know, the usual – why have I failed with yet another diet, why aren’t my teeth as white as hers, when is my hair going to stop breaking off, and yes, you’re right, these hips don’t lie.

All incredibly trivial. But even as a (semi)intelligent woman who knows we’re so much more than a reflection in the mirror, I couldn’t shake these thoughts.

I’ve been working until late at night, grabbing snacks instead of homecooked meals and I’ve been sleeping a max of five hours each night. So, with dull skin, wobbling more than usual and bags bigger than Ikea’s under my eyes, it’s fair to say I’ve been feeling pretty blah in the looks department.

After shouting out on Twitter, it seems like there are so many others feeling the same. And seeing as I’m a big believer in “if you don’t like a situation, change it” I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite self-care tips and things I’m planning to add to my day-to-day routine in a bid to feel better, both inside and out.

Working in partnership with premium homeware brand, Christy, I thought this was the perfect time to showcase my bedroom, aka my sanctuary, where I plan on spending much more time over the next couple of weeks.

Today I'm sharing how I try to beat the January blues in conjunction with Christy Home, including a giveaway of bedroom and bathroom goodies to update your home.

Today I'm sharing how I try to beat the January blues in conjunction with Christy Home, including a giveaway of bedroom and bathroom goodies to update your home.

Create a Relaxing Haven

Lack of sleep can really affect your day to day life, and I know if I don’t get seven hours my concentration levels will dip and I’ll be more likely to make poor food choices. New mums, I know you hate me for saying this – I mean, what is seven hours sleep? I’m so, so pleased, however, with how my bedroom has come together and creating somewhere so comfortable to sleep definitely makes me want to turn the laptop off a little earlier and climb right in. The addition of Christy’s Peonia bed linen set in the palest of pinks works perfectly with my current cream and gold colour palette, while the 240 thread count Egyptian flat sheet, oxford pillowcases and oyster toned cushions (which you can buy here and here) create that exclusive five-star hotel feel. I’m not sure I’ve felt sheets as soft before in complete honesty.

Get on Top of Life Admin

I know organisation and admin may not strike you as typical self-care practises straight away, but decluttering your physical possessions makes it easier to declutter the brain. Tidy your workspace, file your receipts for your tax return, make a budget for the following month, throw out expired food, return emails and generally get your life together. I promise you, you’ll feel instantly better.

Cook Up a Storm

Putting the best possible food into your body is a sure-fire way to feel better overnight. Make a conscious effort to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet and buy a 2-litre bottle of water to drink throughout the day – both cliché self-help things to say, but there’s a reason why. As soon as you start hydrating your body, everything runs that bit better. Look for recipes you might not have tried before and decompress from the day by cooking something delicious. Why not even batch cook for the week ahead and then you’re taking away extra stress when you get home from a busy day. I absolutely love cooking and get real pleasure when I learn how to put together something from scratch. Plus, when I eat better my whole mood changes, especially when I cut down on refined sugar. Those sluggish days, where my bloated tummy pops over my tights is a thing of the past and my mind is so much clearer. If only sugar didn’t taste so damn good…

Today I'm sharing how I try to beat the January blues in conjunction with Christy Home, including a giveaway of bedroom and bathroom goodies to update your home. Today I'm sharing how I try to beat the January blues in conjunction with Christy Home, including a giveaway of bedroom and bathroom goodies to update your home.

Learn Something New

I know I often wax lyrical about taking webinars, doing mini-courses to help my business grow and listening to Audible books on all sorts of different subjects, but I really think there’s no age limit to education. I’ve recently signed up to Skillshare, which is this amazing platform I discovered with videos teaching you how to do everything from calligraphy to learning the settings on your DSLR camera to how to build a brand on Instagram Stories. I’m excited to sit and stretch my brain over the next couple of weeks, and first on my list is learning how to take symmetrical landscape photography for when I go over to San Francisco in March.

Talk to Someone

When I can’t escape my own head, I often try to talk to a friend – even if it’s a completely unrelated subject. Just taking some time out to chat, catch-up and have old school telephone conversations away from Whatsapp can be so good for the soul. I must speak to my best friend at least four times a week on the phone, and it’s her that often pulls me out of any negative body angst by giving me a metaphorical slap over the face, making me laugh and reminding me that weight doesn’t define who I am as a person.

Today I'm sharing how I try to beat the January blues in conjunction with Christy Home, including a giveaway of bedroom and bathroom goodies to update your home.

Have a Home-Made Spa Session

Turn your bathroom into a spa this weekend and dedicate a couple of hours to preening your body with all those lotions and potions you got for Christmas. I’ve definitely been skipping my skincare routine more often than I’d care to admit, so before spring arrives I plan on dedicating more time to face masks, exfoliation, painting nails, popping a hair mask in and generally just relaxing back in a bubble bath before slathering myself in moisturiser. I used to do this every Sunday evening when I was in my 20s, and yet I stopped in my 30s when my body needs it more than ever. Create your own spa-inspired bathroom space with super soft luxe towels made from 100 percent Turkish cotton at Christy’s like I have here. Can you tell it’s an all-female apartment with the amount of pink I have?

I’m looking forward to taking this weekend to really look after myself, switching off the phone, reading, going for a long walk, cooking nice food and getting back on track with feeling much better both inside and out.

Win Your Own Bedroom & Bathroom Haven Set From Christy

Now here’s the best bit.

If you’re feeling similar January blues, fear not, as Christy is here to help. The team are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a new set of bed linen (1 x duvet cover and 2 x pillowcases) and a bale of towels (2 x hand and 2 x bath) so you can create a haven all of your own. They have soooo much choice, and I can promise you, you won’t want to go back to your standard bed sheets after you’ve felt how soft these are.

Just some rules, this is a UK-only competition which will finish at 11.59pm on 27th January 2018, the prize will be sent out by Christy and by entering you’re agreeing to your email address being passed on to the team.  Good luck!

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Victoria Jackson is the editor of multi-award winning interior design blog Apartment Number 4. Designed to help you create a beautiful home on a budget, Victoria edits the inspirational and showcases the affordable.


  1. For some reason this January I’ve been feeling a bit low but I’ve been keeping my self busy with doing up and fixing things up at home. A clean and cosy space makes me happy 🙂 how exciting you’re going to San Francisco soon! Thanks for the giveaway, I adore Christy!

  2. I wash and put away my ‘festive style’ bedding and freshen the bed with freshly pressed duvet cover, pillow cases and blanket. The pillow cases are lovely cotton and have a lacy edging. When I see the bedroom it lifts my spirit! I also try and put some flowers around the place and have some fragrant candles going. I have new bars of French Lavender soaps that I will unwrap in January. I will save them from Birthdays or Christmas. I must go and do that now : )

  3. Walking – it’s the only thing that gets me out the house and gives me time to take stock

  4. I exercise as much as possible and get my children and grandsons involved even if it’s just a walk or dancing

  5. Loved the post! January is definitely the month for life admin! I always try and refresh my social media and blog and get on top of things with a finances spreadsheet! 🙂

  6. Oh your bedroom is just blissful heaven! It’s so beautiful – love the dark floral prints you have and the bedding looks stunning! And you, my dear, are gorgeous!! I totally understand though – I’ve been feeling really down and stressed myself lately, definitely the weather/time of year. Be nice to yourself – I think the home spa is a great idea 🙂 xx

  7. I make sure I go for a walk every day and I spend time going through and sorting my things and planning the redecoration of my bedroom

  8. Great Sunday read and has inspired me to look after myself a bit more too. We all get those wobbly moments, but I also believe we have to take action to feel better. So today my huge to-do list will end with a little pampering 🙂 Hope you’re okay, look after yourself xx

  9. I try to get out and about as much as possible – even if it is cold, I know I can always wrap up! The fresh air makes me feel healthy and gets my blood flowing and being active helps me stay fit and sleep better! REMEMBER: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

  10. Fresh air. Spending time outdoors walking or tending my allotment helps me feel relaxed and energised and is a real antidote to the winter blues

  11. Reading blogs is my way of taking some time out to relax and refresh my mind when I am feeling low.

  12. I beat the blues by going to exercise classes a few times a week – they are always so much fun and there’s nothing like getting really sweaty then having a relaxing shower and pamper session afterwards! Perfect set up for a good night’s sleep!

  13. I beat the January blues by visiting my local garden centre and deciding what plants to buy. Even if it is too early to buy plants, just wandering around takes away all the stress.

  14. Getting back to my head space for losing weight is so difficult after “time off” over christmas. Making good choices bit by bit, helps. Sharing the problem and being strong, watch this space…..

  15. I’ve tried to beat the blues by being kind to myself, taking some exercise, trying to worry less and relax more

  16. I too chat on the phone to my friends or do something creative, especially making something for my home .

  17. I love gardening. You can`t have enough tulip bulbs in your garden. Spring is a bit away but planning my garden makes me happy. Just bought dahlia tubers last week (Arabian Night). Also will take part in the Big Garden Bird Watch and going to make carrot jam first time in my life next week.

  18. I am part of a small support network of friends- we all look out for each other’s mental health raising the alarm when needed and sharing positive messages

  19. I like to just do whatever makes me happy and sometime that includes just lazing in front of the TV like I am now 🙂

  20. I get involved in my hobby of cardmaking – it seems to me to be impossible to feel down when I’m surrounded by paper, ink, glue and glitter. In fact it’s probably the glitter that does the trick!

  21. Make an effort to go out and get some fresh air, wrap up warm and go for a long walk, feel so much better afterwards.

  22. In the run up to Christmas I find my regular exercise goes by the wayside… I reintroduce this and have a relaxing bath afterwards. Blisd

  23. Firstly, what a gorgeous bedroom you have Victoria! Beating the January blues is difficult sometimes, we often have good intentions but life just gets in the way! I have to say though I’ve been pretty good on the exercise front the last couple of weeks and it really does make me feel better, physically and mentally. I’m not going back to the gym (yet) but there’s so much you can do at home, I’m kinda thinking do I even really need that membership?! I think when we’re trying to juggle a million things at once self care goes out the window but it really is important AND turning your bathroom into a spa is always a really good idea.


  24. When i am feeling the blues, i get wrapped up and take a brisk walk along the beach, it gives me time to get fresh air and sort my head out. Always feel a whole lot better when i take this walk

  25. if it gets too much which it often does there is nothing wrong with a lovely hot bath glass of wine and some soppy music in the background then pj’s bed hot water bottle for pain and my pussy cats. yep you can tell hubby works night

  26. I have taken up dry brushing again! A good way to exfoliate and energize at the same time…..

  27. I really don’t know how to beat the blues – I live in a household where both parents have mental health issues, so I’d love to know the secret to remaining flaming ad ‘in the zone’. 🙁

  28. I go for long walks in the beautiful woods and countryside surrounding my home – never fails to uplift me.

  29. I like spending time looking through family photos both on the computer or in my family albums. I make slide shows of the most interesting ones and have fun combing photos and videos with text and effects and choosing suitable music. It’s really a relaxing hobby and fun to share the results with the family!

  30. I listen to my music play lists and eat far too much chocolate to get through January.

  31. i have been struggling this january but just keeping busy with the children takes my mind of things most of the time x

  32. Exercise, get enough sleep, maintain sufficient vitamin levels, go out in the sun and listen to music.

  33. Relaxing time in the evening, watching tv and trying to disconnect from social media. Love burning nice candles too.

  34. For me it is going out for a walk, I am also making plans as to what I am going to plant in my garden in the springtime, it is something to look forward to

  35. January is to remind me of my weight loss journey and still stay on the same pathway, for ever

  36. I am currently beating the January blues slowly by taking each day as it comes, keeping my mind occupied, and myself busy sorting through after santa brought to many presents for my three children without thinking of where I would store them, silly santa lol xx

  37. It’s hard to stay positive especially in the Winter. I beat the blues by making sure I get some fresh air everyday with a nice long walk. Pampering and looking after myself always gives me a lift too. I look after my health and take supplements in the Winter months. My favourite way to unwind is with a lovely warm aromatherapy bath then slide into a freshly made cosy warm bed. Beautiful giveaway thank you x

  38. Never really suffered the blues, it must be years of living with someone who makes me laugh every day

  39. I beat the January blues by reading blogs like yours, which I have found so incredibly helpful. I love the way you have set your blog out and I found it kept my interest throughout. An excellent blog. I also follow Sue Stone and many other positive people and I follow as much of their advice as I can. Thank you so much for your insight.

  40. I get out of the house, even just a trip to the mall for an hour makes me feel better and I don’t even have to spend any money!

  41. I beat the blues by cooking tasty food whilst listening to some upbeat music, walks at night looking at clear starry skies is another thing that lifts me .

  42. Hi lovely! Loved this post, and the imagery! For me, my number one self care tip is saying no… makes me feel like such a bore sometimes but when it all gets a bit much I know I’m going to be happier tucked up at home than trying to plaster a smile on my face and socialise. I used to get really worried of what people would think of me, but as I’ve got older I know that it’s actually a better night for everyone if I just politely decline and stay home. Am I 24 or 84…?!

  43. i go swimming it makes me feel like im on holiday and my brain for that hours thinks its summer which cheers me right up

  44. My favourite way to beat the January blues is to run a hot bath, put on a couple of YouTube videos and just indulge in face masks. Also, to beat the January blues, I find writing down how you feel every night into a journal helps.

    Interior question: I’m currently decorating my bedroom and am currently going for white walls with dark wooden flooring. I’m looking into ottoman’s and would love your help on choosing the perfect colour as well as accents to go with it? Thank you!

  45. I like to exercise daily by doing a morning run before the kids get up. It really helps to get me energised and focused for the day ahead.
    Plus it reduces my stress levels and I find I sleep better. It definitely helps me with the January Blues.

  46. I love Christy’s bed linen and my favourite way to get through Winter is hitting the hay early at least two nights a week. I find the extra sleep is so helpful.

  47. Getting out for long walks really helps …getting some fresh air. I also practice yoga regularly which really lifts my mood.

  48. I make a list of what makes me happy on a daily basis which I read back if January blues start to kick in.

  49. its bean so dark and cold it does bring on the blues. I enjoy going out for a walk to clear the cobwebs but if its raining or snowing its curling up with a good film.

  50. First thing I have a hot bath using essential oils I walk my dog every day which is great fun.. I also have lots of scented candles around my home that give off a lovely warm fragrance glow. End of the night I light my bedroom candle and listen to the BBC IPLAYER that often sends me to sleep.

  51. Money may be scarce this time of year but I beat the blues with little treats. A gorgeous smelling body cream, a pretty accessory for the home – there are lots of lovely things in the sales. I also keep a thankful journal and write down things I am grateful for – it’s amazing how positive thoughts attract positive things! Your bedroom is so pretty.

  52. I have started this newyear with a declutter in my home ! I have a long way to go and it might take me the next 12 months to finish!! ? I have impressed the family so far as they all know my reluctance to let things go! Watch this space !! Soon I will have loads of space ??❤️??

  53. a lovely hot bath before bed, always guarantees a good nights sleep for me, which makes the winter blues seem less dull when your fresh as a daisy for the day ahead

  54. I count my blessings and feel grateful for all the lovely things that I have including my top quality Christy bedding and towels.

  55. I have a lovely warm bath and then lots of snuggles with my precious 4 year old granddaughter who lives with me and she just makes my heart smile and keeps me happy.
    I don’t know how to ‘paste the url?

  56. I keep myself really busy! I get things done around the house that I’ve been meaning to do, seeing as its a new year with a fresh start. I always give my bedroom a good thorough clean too in January. Helps me feel at ease & sleep better with a tidy room!

  57. Never really suffer from blues, enjoy my retirement with my lovely pet Poppy plus my son’s dog Maggie at times, do knitting, crochet and make cards so have plenty to occupy my time and when the weather warms a little gardening

  58. If I’ve had a particularly bad day I like to slip into a soothing bubble bath with a mug of hot chocolate and then curl up with my boyfriend and dog on the settee and watch a box-set.

  59. Not beating the blues at the moment as house/ bedbound waiting for an operation so just going with it. Plenty of sleep and lazing about and tea, lots of tea. Given the weather at the moment I cant complain its not often I can stay in bed on a freezing day.

  60. January is a good time to brush off the old and embrace the new! I love a post Christmas clean up/decluttering – I find it clears the mind and by selling a few unwanted items frees up extra post Christmas cash too. Also it’s a good time to sort your admin and get on top of things! X New Year, New start!

  61. These Coordinating Bedding and Bathroom Sets, add classy beauty with the pampering of Spa Treatment’s.

  62. I tend to stay in when it’s cold and dull curled up with my laptop.. As soon as I see the sun has come out I try to force myself out for a bit and always come back with renewed vigour and ready to do something be it housework baking sewing , or whatever. The sun never stays away for too long .

  63. When I feel a little low, I focus on the good things in my life and don’t dwell on the bad. If I can’t change it, don’t think about it. If I can change it, don’t just think about it, do it!

  64. I spend some time with by gorgeous grandchildren they always manage to put a smile on my face.

  65. January seems to be going on forever , I have had loads of pyjamas days and sleep ins

  66. This January I have had two lots of viruses and felt low so to keep my spirits up I have been entering competitions on my iPad like this one and who knows I might get some exciting winning parcels in the post!

  67. I beat the blues with music, or just a long talk with an old friend, someone who listens and cares about me.

  68. Cod liver oil with natural Vitamin D and Vitamin A help to make wonders together with proper sleep and nettle tea.

  69. I go for a brisk walk – just ten minutes out in the fresh air can often do the trick.

  70. A walk does the trick for me, expending some energy always invigorates me, the more I walk the more I want to walk.

  71. I keep myself busy with my kids and start my exercise regime so I can tone up in time for holiday

  72. I love a long walk in the woods, then coming home to a relaxing evening in front of the fire

  73. I love your room, the colour scheme is just luscious and your choice of artwork really ties it all together. Beautiful!

  74. I practise yoga and also keep myself busy with things that need doing around the house. I also take vitamins to help keep colds at bay

  75. I beat the blues by going for a little walk! Its amazing what a bit of nature and fresh air can do for your mood! I also find staying in the house and staring at the same four walls definitely adds to my stress so getting out really helps.

  76. Love going for a swim while the kids are at school. It relaxes and keep me same. Time with a good book is great. I dont watch any news also.

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