5 Design Tips For When Decorating Your Nursery

Is it wrong of me to admit that whenever anyone announces they’re pregnant, my first thought is, “Ooooo! Wonder how they’ll decorate the nursery?”

Decorating a nursery, or even a children’s bedroom means you can experiment more, go wild with print and colour and basically try all those things you’re not sure about trying in your own bedroom. It gives you the space to be brave and really create a sanctuary for your new bundle.

Today I wanted to share 5 design tips for you to consider when decorating your nursery, whether that’s in the next nine months or sometime far into the future.

Choose a theme

I adore nursery’s that mimic the rest of the house in terms of design. Are you a lover of grey’s and neutrals normally? Add this colour palette to the nursery with grey walls, beautiful white furniture and soft textures, retaining a cohesive design throughout the whole house. When I was decorating my best friend’s nursery earlier this year, she explained she wanted to add a little of her signature luxe décor found in other parts of the house – textured wallpaper, low hanging chandeliers etc -to the baby’s bedroom but wasn’t sure how to. By adding a stunning crushed velvet armchair by Wayfair (the Majesty Premium Wingback Chair to be exact) to act as a nursing chair by the changing station, we were able to retain the glamorous vibe she had to the rest of her house, while the texture of the velvet added interest to the room and stopped it looking ‘flat’.

Pick Your Palette

Just because you’re having a girl, it doesn’t mean you need to pick pink. Or likewise blue for a boy. Why not go with bright bold colours, or even neutrals and add pastels in bedding, cushions and decorative accessories? Pick three colours max to work with, one of those being the main colour and two being complimentary or contrasting accent shades and work your room around those.

Work out the flow of the room

One of the most important things you can do in a nursery is work out the flow of the room. Can you get from the nursing chair to the crib? Can you get from the changing station without bumping your head on shelves? Is there room to have a bin for nappies by your changing station? Make sure the flow of the room works before you invest in furniture, and don’t forget to consider which was the door opens into the room, getting the baby in and out of the crib, and where you’ll be able to place your nursing chair.

Add a focal point

What we did here in this nursery is add a wall decal which was a relatively inexpensive way of creating a focal point to the room and adding interest to the warm grey walls. It also took the space from spare room to children’s bedroom. A nice idea is to add wall stickers like this Woodland Tree & Friends one, and add soft toys around the bottom and 3D wall decals such as butterflies etc to create an interactive space for baby once they get a little older and more inquisitive.

Consider clever storage

Babies come with a lot of stuff! I mean, A LOT! Clever and practical storage should be at the top of your list, like this storage trunk we chose for the bedroom which provides ample space for nappies, lotions and muslin cloths. We had enough space for a wardrobe and drawers in this room, but you can always hang a rail under wall shelving to hang teeny tiny coat hangers from like this idea on Pinterest.

Decorating a nursery should be one of the most memorable and exciting moments in your new life as a mum, and I hope this post has helped a little if you were unsure of where to start.

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*Wayfair kindly gifted the Majesty Premium Wingback Chair in crushed velvet as part of this nursery makeover.

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