Julianne Hough’s Hollywood Home Tour

Today I wanted to share the amazing house tour that I discovered earlier this week from the beauty that is Julianne Hough. Actress and sister to Derek Hough – remember when he dated Cheryl Cole/Tweedy/Whatever her name is now – Julianne has created the perfect getaway in the hills of Hollywood.

Shot by Justin Coit for Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, this house is absolutely stunning, from the kitchen with cabinets in just the right shade of blue, to a gorgeous patio area designed for warm evenings entertaining friends and family.

With natural textures and a refined, muted-earthy colour palette running throughout, the aim when designing the interior was to make sure any piece of furniture could be moved and fit into another room within the house. Every time I feature a home tour I think, right this is definitely the one I’d want to live in, but really…this is the one I want to live in. You know I love me a blue and white colour palette and from the cushions to the napkins to the towels, that colour duo is splattered throughout the whole house.

Can we just take a moment to talk about the bathroom, please? When you scroll down you’ll see exactly what I mean – I’d like to get bathed here every single night.

What do you think of this space? Does anything catch your eye in particular? Are you going to say the white mohair armchairs in the bedroom like me? Yup, thought so…

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  1. Oh to be rich. The things I could do if I had enough money. Or looked like she looks 😉 Bet she doesn’t have rogue laptop cables blighting her every move!

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