Inside The Homes Of 5 Amazing Bloggers

I get so much inspiration from other people’s homes. I don’t mean the ones you see in magazines, but ones that are shared on social media and blogs when a makeover has gone better than ever imagined. There are certain bloggers who have a style that just resonates with me. It’s like everything they post has been posted specifically for me. To inspire me. To make me spend even more money on home décor when I literally can’t move for peonies, prints and pink in my own home.

With that said, today I wanted to bring together five little snippets of décor inspiration from the homes of some of my favourite bloggers. You’ll definitely be able to see a reoccurring theme (hint, lots of white), because that’s the style I’m consistently drawn to, but I’m hoping you’ll be inspired in someway from each of them.

Let’s start with LA goddess, Marianna Hewitt, beauty blogger and owner of the most amazingly chic living room I’ve ever seen. I’m obsessed with these chunky knitted throws (buy here), but seen as we’re about to enter summer here in the UK, I’m not sure now is the best time to be investing in one. The neutral colour scheme is brought to live with texture and print, and I love the feminine simplicity of this room. (Life By Me by Marianna Hewitt)

Next up we have probably one of the nicest bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in real life, Kimberly Duran of Swoon Worthy. She recently updated her kitchen, from a bright white space to a chic monochrome place to cook, eat and enjoy the prettiness of her crockery. Kimberly’s personality runs throughout this room, from the animal print cups to the eclectic boho wallpaper bringing life to the open shelving. This is such a gorgeous kitchen makeover. (Swoon Worthy)

Claire Wainwright is a lifestyle and interiors blogger I discovered through Instagram and my god, I’m glad I did. With an amazing website – The Green Eyed Girl – covering home décor, fashion, travel and life advice, it’s now one of my favourite places to reside on the internet. Today I wanted to share with you Claire’s kitchen dining makeover, because frankly, it’s bloody gorgeous. It feels super fresh and inviting, and I absolutely adore the design details like the industrial style stools and pendant lighting, art work and brass finishes. (The Green Eyed Girl)

 Next up we have Jade Wilce of Number Five Interiors, a blogger and interior stylist I discovered again, through Instagram and have loved ever since. Although still in the process of remodelling her house, I couldn’t not share this amazing addition to her kitchen – the copper work top. Have you ever seen something as amazing? This work top alone made me want to go buy a sledgehammer and rip up my kitchen to start again. Jade is definitely one to watch in the interiors game. (Number Five Interiors)

Oh what an office this is. Created by the beautiful Olivia Silk of Lust Living, the mix of gold, white, blush pink and black makes for a stunning space. It just feels so feminine and grown up, with amazing details such as the gold light and wire Lust Living signage on the wall. I love this black and gold office chair – and I’m currently wondering how I can get my hands on one to sneak into work. This is my idea of blogging heaven and hopefully, when Apartment Number 4 needs a bigger studio with a team of people working with me, I can create something with a similar vibe. (Lust Living)

 Which is your favourite space? I genuinely don’t think I could choose because there are elements in each that I absolutely adore.

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