It’s been so long since I did a fashion post, I can’t actually even remember when it was. But today I wanted to share one of my latest Instagram finds in the shape of Canadian-based blogger Emily Luciano. The Discovery page came up trumps yesterday, showcasing both Emily’s amazingly cohesive feed and gorgeous dress sense. Although I don’t stick to any particular theme when it comes to the ‘gram, I always appreciate a carefully curated account and Emily’s is just that.

I always admire girls that can look so effortless, and I think it has a lot to do with the simplicity of Emily’s wardrobe. Her closet is full of classic pieces – the perfect modern capsule wardrobe if like – in a colour palette of black, white, grey and blush pink, with the odd floral print thrown in for good measure. It’s been a while since I’ve thought about updating my wardrobe, especially since most of my disposable income goes on home decor now (plus I’m also on a tight spending budget from now until Christmas to pay off my credit cards) BUT it’s definitely making me want to buy some more timeless items to create a mix-and-match wardrobe.

Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll find some pieces I’ve picked out for you to create the look yourself. Happy shopping and don’t forget to drop by Emily’s blog – Lovely Luciano – for more outfit inspiration.

About the author
Victoria is the editor and founder of award-winning interior design blog Apartment Number 4. When she's not scouring Pinterest for the latest in home decor inspiration, she's out shopping trying to recreate the looks herself.

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  1. Victoria.
    I love you.
    But you need to stop doing this to me.
    I love Ashley so much. It’s all your fault. But Emily. Emily has got some serious jean envy going on for me!
    *followed.. ON EVERYTHING!* Haha!
    See. See what your influencing does to me! :p
    I’m finished with Summer, so bring on some Autumn outfit inspo.. Off I go to find a tan jacket, a great coat and long scarfs..


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