I think I might have found my ultimate interior love – Moroccan design in a Scandinavian colour palette. Hello, is this not the most random yet perfect combination?

I came across Zoco Home on Instagram a little while ago after they liked one of my pictures, and managed to get around to checking the store out this weekend. I literally want me whole house like this, even though I’m a fan of colour, I could definitely have two or three rooms like this in my house.

I would never have thought of mixing Moroccan products with Scandi styling, but it really, really works. Everything is priced in Euros, but it’s probably the same pricing at Zara Home to be honest.

Check out the website and let me know if this is your kind of style. Happy Monday.

3. Grey Pompom Blanket 169.00 4. Ceramic Mug 11.90 5. Ceramic Plate 49.00 6. Hamam Tea Light Holder 39.00 7. Handmade Ceramic Vase 69.00 8. Vintage Moroccan Tray 129.00

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