If your family is short on space (can you see I’m on a maximising space roll right now?), you are probably thinking the best option is to move. In the past, you would have been right. Up until recently, it was the cheapest way to get the space you and your family needed.

Today, that is not always the case. As you will see from the information in this post the cost of moving has risen and can easily run into tens of thousands. Often that is more than you would have spent on getting a full loft conversion done.

It sounds unlikely I know, but trust me I have done the maths. If you factor in the value a loft conversion adds to your home it really does make economic sense. Moreover, there is the added benefit of not having to uproot your family. You and your children do not have to make new friends. You can stay in the area you love and you do not have to go through the stress involved in moving.

Here are a few of my favourite loft room ideas. I hope they inspire you and open your eyes to what you can do with the space above your head.

Spare bedrooms

One of the best ways to use your roof space is to turn it into bedrooms. In most homes, there is enough space for two single rooms or a generously proportioned double bedroom, with an en-suite. 

An extra bathroom

If you are sick of queueing for the bathroom, why not have an extra one installed in your loft space. In many homes, it is even possible to install a macerator toilet up there. However, if you want a bath installed in your loft space some of the joists may need to be reinforced.

A playroom

The roof space can also be a great place for your children to play. The fact that you have the bedrooms between you and your kids means they can do so without disturbing the rest of the family.

If you do plan to use your loft space in this way it is important to have proper windows installed. They need to be made from safety glass, and have good childproof locks. Even then, it is not wise to let very young children play up there alone, so this may not be a suitable option for every family.

An office

For those who regularly work at home having a nice quiet space to work is essential. The loft is the perfect place for you to install an office.

An entertainment room

It is also the perfect spot for an entertainment room or snug. Your roof space can be a great place to keep your books or to play games.

A gym

It is even possible to have a full spec gym set up in your loft. It may be necessary for the joists to be reinforced, but in most homes, this is not difficult to do.

So, now you can see the possibilities why not get a loft conversion specialist in to give you a quote.

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