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We all know the key to a productive start to the morning is having an even more productive evening beforehand. With that said I wanted to share my ultimate girl boss evening routine which helps me to juggle a full-time job, a full-time blog and everything else life throws at me with relative ease. I’m not saying I manage to pull off this routine every single evening, but when I do I’m almost guaranteed to tackle the next day better than Beyonce.

My evening routine will normally start around 8pm, once I’ve had dinner, put all the dishes away and generally made sure my house is tidy. I find tidying as I go along works so much better for me than letting everything pile up until I need to have one massive blitz.

Prepare For The Next Day

The first thing I’ll do is prepare anything I need for the next day, whether that’s a parcel I need to wrap to send off, or remembering to pop a book in my bag I said I’d lend to a friend. It’s helped me become much less of an annoying, forgetful person by preparing my bag the night before instead of rushing on a morning and ultimately leaving something on the kitchen counter while I curse myself as I drive to work. This also means I’ll prep any food for the day ahead, making my overnight oats and chopping salad etc for my lunch. I’ll make sure I know what I’m having for dinner the following night and defrost any ingredients I might need. When you’re following the Slimming World plan like me, trust me, preparation is essential.

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Schedule Content

One thing that’s made my life so much easier on a morning and meant I’m now prepared from the get-go is scheduling a day’s worth of blog content on social media the night before. I spend around 15-20 minutes making sure I’ve organised Tweetdeck hourly until 10pm the next night and I’ve scheduled a post for Facebook. I even pre-write my Instagram comment, along with my chosen hashtags so all I have to do the next day is upload my image and copy and paste my text. This saves so much time the next morning and I feel like I can reach out to my followers with my content before my day job starts.

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Skincare & Outfit Prep

Every girl boss needs to be on her a-game when it comes to dressing, whether it’s comfies for a day at the computer or pulling out all the stops for a meeting with a PR or brand. Prepping the night before – including choosing and ironing an outfit, getting shoes and accessories ready and packing your work bag, means you’ll have shaved off at least 20 minutes the next morning. You’ll also feel mentally ready to take on the day instead of rushing around like a maniac looking for the iron. Once my outfit is hung up, I’ll take some time to run through my Liz Earle skincare routine (head over to this post for a detailed look into that) and pop on a facemask if my skin is looking tired and dull. Having a routine like this signals to my body that it’s time to start winding down.

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Put Your Thoughts On To Paper

Since I’ve started to make a to-do list before I go to bed for the next day, I’ve found drifting off to sleep a lot easier. Managing what is basically two full-time jobs means I have a hell of a lot of things running around in my head, from deadlines I need to hit at work to clients I need to email back for the blog. Once I’m in bed with a chamomile and spearmint tea (ideal before bed) I’ll make three lists – blog, work and life – and only put down the essential things I need to get done the following day. I’m not a huge fan of putting unachievable daily goals on a to-do list – read, lose 7lbs – as I’m all for the satisfaction of ticking everything off my list and going to bed happy. I’m also trying to make an effort to write three things every single day that I’m grateful for. Last night’s, for example, was how I was grateful for my hair turning out how I wanted it to with a home dye, for these images turning out how I had them envisioned in my head and for having a beautiful home I could relax all Sunday in. I really can’t stress enough how important it is to show gratitude for the things you have, big or small. And not just materialistic things. It sounds silly but the fact that I had hot running water to wash my hair dye off is something so small to me, but colossal to someone else.

Listen To Guided Visualisation

Now I get this step might not be for everyone, but I’ve recently started to listen to guided visualisation which I downloaded from the Female Entrepreneur Association. Basically, you’re guided into a deep state of relaxation with breathing exercises and then you visualise what you want to achieve, whether it be a better body, making more money, having a happier life overall etc. I find myself becoming so relaxed I’ll often fall asleep before the sound clip finishes, but it genuinely has made such a difference to my mindset over the past two months.

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Time For Sleep

The final step is to switch off all technology, spray some lavender oil on my pillows and drift off. And speaking of pillows, can we just take a moment to appreciate that I finally – after months of toying with the idea – have some linen bed sheets. Don’t judge me, but one of the main reasons I wanted some was because they are so damn Instagrammable. As a background, they work so much better than everyday bedding and this light grey French linen duvet set from Soak & Sleep is absolutely perfect. The beauty of linen is, not only does it look good, but in the summer months it regulates the body temperature meaning you’re able to sleep easier. Plus, you never have to iron these sheets again for the rest of your life and if that’s not the biggest selling point I’m not sure what is.

So there you have it, my ultimate girl boss evening routine to make sure I wake up motivated and ready to take over the world the next day. Yes, sometimes I love nothing better than going home after work and not moving from the sofa but once you get into the swing of prepping for the next day, it really doesn’t take much time at all. And waking up feeling like you can boss at life the next day is worth it.

Do you have any rituals or evening routine tips that prepare you for the best possible day? I’d love to know as they might inspire me to change up my routine slightly. Anyway, have a great Monday guys and here’s to a productive week.

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About the author
Victoria Jackson is the editor of multi-award winning interior design blog Apartment Number 4. Designed to help you create a beautiful home on a budget, Victoria edits the inspirational and showcases the affordable.


  1. I totally need to get on board with this kind of evening routine! I feel like I am constantly behind and never able to get on top of my to do lists, and even though I usually always prepare my outfit the night before, there always seems to be a million and one things still to do the next morning. Definitely going to pick up on a few of these pieces of advice!
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

  2. Sounds like a brilliant routine. But when do you write your blog content? I find I can either tidy my home and get prepared for the next day, or I can do none of that but get some blog content written. There just aren't enough hours in the evening to get it all done.

  3. Love this Victoria. There's a lot I do myself already, however a couple that I'd definitely like to add in.
    Having a little boy, who's at school 4 days a week, means I do have to have certain 'routines' and that i also have time to myself when I'm not working to do housework etc. But like you, we/I generally tidy as I go. I hoover every day though. I started reading before bed which I really enjoyed, but have recently slipped out of the routine.. I like reading inspiring things before bed, or just soke meditation and breathing. It really relaxes you. In an ideal world, I'd love to wake up and do the same.. but I'm generally woken by the husbands alarm, the toddlers alarm, or the toddler jumping out of bed and running into ours! lol


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