The bedroom is where you relax and rest, store all your worldly goods and can truly be yourself. It’s the room that you can customise to just to the liking of those who reside there. You put up any pictures or ornaments, try any style of decor, as long as makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be as generic as a living room as guests won’t likely enter this area. This means you can try many different things with it to make it the place you feel happiest and most at ease. Decorating a bedroom brings many options and opportunities and these are just some of the ones worth considering, looking at some of the designs from 2016.

If you like your bedroom to be simple, then Scandinavian style is the perfect choice. This décor involves an organised approach, with vignettes arranged neatly, wooden furniture and grey hues. The bed, bedside tables and a few Scandinavian-inspired accessories will make this look, giving you something cool yet comfy, totally Hygge-appropriate. This can be ideal for smaller rooms or when you are just sticking to the essentials. A three quarter size bed from Bedstar can be a great match as it can fit in smaller rooms, especially when matched with beautiful bedding and a big, comfy throw Milan style is the opposite of this and incorporated a much warmer look. It focuses on colours such as cream, white, alder, maple and light oak and so uses many wooden items to create the design.

Furniture is a big part of this as you add storage options such as cupboards, wardrobes, drawers and desks. It’s sophisticated yet clear, giving you a welcoming bedroom, without going overboard on clutter. It’s ideal for people who need lots of storage room and it’s straightforward design makes it great for adults and children, with further customisation to your liking being an option.

Boutique, meanwhile, is a more grown up look. It uses darker colours, mostly black, and is perfect for a luxurious approach to decorating the bedroom. Focusing on black though can make the room dark an unwelcoming, so a splash of contrast can do wonders, whether it’s red or going all the opposite way with white. Metal can play a big part in this look, so adding metal ornaments, handles, mirrors, etc. can create a sleek finish. A display case, possibly made of glass, completes the Boutique design.

There are many different possible designs such as these you could go with, but creating something from scratch gives you endless possibilities. Rather than trying to match a set design, you could create something just for you. Think about the colours and materials you like, what you want your bedroom to be and do and aim for that. Look around for different wallpaper and carpets that make you happy and that match a selected colour scheme. How much storage and furniture you need can depend on your own requirements, so decide if you want the room to be clear or compact. Ornaments, pictures and other items can truly let you make the room yours, so search online, in charity shops, antiques stores and more to find unique items for a bedroom created by you, for you.

*Post in partnership with Bedstar | Image credit: Ave Styles

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