not every day a girl is greeted by a picture of Phillip aged 30 in full…erm,
throttle. But when a single girl like me takes to new social media dating app
Tinder to see what all the fuss is about, I’m “lucky” enough to be greeted
by not one, but two, penis profile pictures. Ten minutes in. No face. No smile.
Just a picture of a penis. And let me tell you, it definitely wasn’t cold when
these were snapped.

London everyone seemed to be on Tinder, an app in where you swipe left on a person’s
face for a no or right for a yes. If you swipe yes then your face will appear
in a line-up for said gent and if he swipes you, then walah! We have a match.
Totally shallow but good fun to play with the girls when you’re drunk.

back to a city I haven’t lived in for a year and being surrounded by friends
who are all settled and who would rather be having dinner parties than all
night parties, I decided to see what Leeds has to offer. And let me tell you
this, it had penis shots and more. Here’s what not to do on Tinder.

had guys taking pics with children. Fair enough, you’ve sewn your seed and want
to warn me early on.  But for those guys who have children in their
profile picture and then state below “Child not mine”, then don’t. If
the first thing you want a potential suitor to see is you with a child which
doesn’t belong to you, it makes you seem weird. A Jimmy Saville kind of weird.

guys who take topless pics in the bathroom, a girl will firstly look past your
pot belly which should have a t-shirt covering it and head towards to toilet
which seems to have forgone the bleach since 1983. Don’t underestimate how
great females are at taking note of the small things (Phillip 30 I’m obviously
not talking to you right now).

a picture with a girl who is obviously your ex-girlfriend is weird. It doesn’t
prove to me you’re looking for commitment, it proves you’re definitely not over
her and I suggest you do a little soul searching before heading back on to the
dating scene.

who pose with cats or dogs are always going to get a look in, although to the
man who posed with his dog topless in bed – what you’ve just done or are about
to do is illegal just so you know. 

finally to the boys who put up a group picture, I’d say 9 out of 10 times its because
you’re the shorter one. Not that being short is an issue but don’t put a whole
host of group pictures up so we have to scroll through them all and find the
common denominator, you!

seen penises, actor’s headshots, torsos, children, ex-girlfriends, a rugby
team, quite a few people I went to school with, one person I work with, a guy
I’m pretty sure has a girlfriend and the odd guy which makes me think, OK I’ll
swipe right for you. And a few of them have even swiped right for me. Trouble
is, you’re in virtual limbo about who is going to speak first. I’m a firm
believer that it should be the guy, like it would be if we were out in a bar.

get a couple of lines to say something about yourself. You know what I put?
“I’m guessing I’m supposed to put something profound and interesting here?
Ok here goes, I love chicken kievs.” Somewhere, someone is writing a male
point of view to this, explaining that girls who share a love of delicious
garlicky breaded chicken breasts on a dating app are just plain weird. And he’d
be right. We are. But we’re also just looking for someone to share a two pack
of kievs with. 

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Victoria is the editor and founder of award-winning interior design blog Apartment Number 4. When she's not scouring Pinterest for the latest in home decor inspiration, she's out shopping trying to recreate the looks herself.

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