Summer Habits I Want To Take Into The New Season

I know I can’t speak for a lot of other people – hayfever and heatwaves have caused havoc this year – but this summer has been my absolute favourite summer for as long as I can remember. There’s something about that big hot ball of fire in the sky that makes everyone seem that little bit friendlier. Even your sour-faced neighbour suddenly finds her voice to say good morning!

Why this summer in particular? Do I even need to say why? Hello! Love Island, World Cup fever whilst it lasted, weeks without a drop of rain. Usually we have two days of mild sunshine and then we’re back to the grey clouds. Without sounding like a Grandma, this is the kind of summer we had as kids in the school holidays, where six glorious weeks would feel like an eternity as we played on our bikes and pretended to be the Spice Girls.

As part of my brand ambassadorship with, today I'm sharing my summer habits I'm taking into the new season.

As part of my brand ambassadorship with, I thought it would be the perfect time to not only talk about the summer habits I’ve formed and intend to take into the new season, but also show you the perfect picnic set-up for those hazy days with friends. Let’s start with…

Early Rising

Isn’t it so much easier to get up and feel motivated when the suns already in the sky? I often find myself hiding away on winter mornings, pushing the snooze button and feeling glum and tired until at least 10am when the sky goes from dark grey to light grey. But over the last couple of months, I’ve been up and ready for the day pretty much as soon as I’ve woken up. No pressing snooze. Just up, gym, showered and breakfast all before 8am, which means I’ve got the chunk of the morning to get a head start on work (leaving the afternoon to sweat it out on a beach towel outside). I’ve hopefully trained my body clock into such a regular 6am start now that I can carry it on into autumn and beyond.

As part of my brand ambassadorship with, today I'm sharing my summer habits I'm taking into the new season.

Filling My Plate With Colour

Please tell me I’m not the only one that’s more adventurous with food in the warmer months? Come winter my plate is normally filled with beige stodge, the only colour coming from a brown shade of gravy. But this summer I’ve really enjoyed having smoothies, bright colourful salad bowls, seasonal vegetables, and lemon and cucumber infused waters. Which also reminds me, drinking as much water as I do during the summer months has done wonders for my skin, so increasing that on a day-to-day basis is definitely on top of my new habits hitlist.

As part of my brand ambassadorship with, today I'm sharing my summer habits I'm taking into the new season.

Embracing My Natural (less hairy) Self

Who else doesn’t see the point in shaving their legs through winter? Yup! I’m there with you! But during the summer, not only am I soft as a baby’s bottom, I’m moisturised, I’m rarely without a pedicure and the soft brown sheen my skin has got from sitting outside (and perhaps with a little help from St Moritz) makes me feel at ease with my natural skin showing. I’ve been rearely wearing foundation, mainly because it only sweats off anyway, and I’ve even been bypassing the eyelinerthanks to leaky eyes, which in turn has received a few welcomed remarks from people saying I look “fresh-faced” and “glowing” – I’ll take those thank you!

As part of my brand ambassadorship with, today I'm sharing my summer habits I'm taking into the new season.

Spreading My Social Butterfly Wings

You’ll be lucky if I even answer my phone to you in winter, never mind make plans. Ha! Imagine actually going outside during November to February?! In the past I’ve hidden away with a large bowl of slow-cooked beef stew and decided I wouldn’t make human contact until at least March. But come summer, I’m suddenly the yes girl! Especially this summer, as I’m fully making the most of running my own hours. I’m the girl drinking mojitos until at least 11pm people, don’t say I’m not wild. My favourite time of day is around 5pm when the sun’s still warm, but there’s a gentle breeze and I can sit with friends or even just the cats with the balcony doors open and chat life stuff. The cats never chat back but I know they get it. Maybe I’ll try and see my people more during the colder months. I said maybe…

As part of my brand ambassadorship with, today I'm sharing my summer habits I'm taking into the new season.

As part of my brand ambassadorship with, today I'm sharing my summer habits I'm taking into the new season.

Being More Spontaneous

Along with saying yes more, this summer I really feel like I’ve embraced being spontaneous. From last-minute overnight breaks away (usually I’m planning for weeks in advance at least) to picnic photoshoots in the park, being spontaneous has pushed me out of my control freak comfort zone and I’ve realised I don’t always have to plan everything down to minute detail to enjoy life. The shoot I’ve created here to showcase the gorgeous pieces sent me, was a spontaneous decision one week when I was chatting with a friend of mine. We knew the weather was set to be good the coming Saturday, so with a 5.30am start we headed to a local park and made the most of the quiet time – except when a Whippet dog literally whipped off with my baguette in its mouth, owner in tow running after him. Aside from the baguette stealing incident, the picnic was the perfect way to start the weekend. The wicker basket, which let’s face it, is blogger prop heaven, includes four ceramic plates, four glasses, a corkscrew and cutlery, all for £28.99, while the wooden lanterns are actually battery operated and are perfect for your garden or balcony at night (remember to bring them in once the rain comes). If you’re looking for a blanket to pop into your boot for those spontaneous trips to the beach, add this ochre herringbone mohair throw and you’ll be ready for a picnic where ever your road trip takes you. Just seeing these pictures again makes me want to head out to the park tomorrow for lunch with my trusty little wicker basket.

Yellowstone Wicker Picnic Basket £28.99 | Wooden Lantern With Edison Bulb £8.99 | Herringbone Mohair Throw £29.99 | 16 Piece Copper (Or Gold) Cutlery Set £14.99

Have you formed any summer habits that you want to take into the next season? I’d absolutely love to know below. Also, let me know your three picnic must-haves! Mine? Scotch eggs, Pimms, and strawberries…

*Post in partnership with as part of my brand ambassadorship.

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  1. 7.30.18
    Catherine said:

    I’m a bit in love with this photography, all the Studio products look great! I totally understand these goals, although Autumn’s my favourite season and I actually have found myself waking up late and eating worse this summer – I’m all about that soup life when it’s colder.

  2. 8.8.18
    Kim said:

    Stunning photos! I love that picnic basket; I have a vintage one at home but if / when it wares out I’ll definitely look at this one. My favourite season is definitely Autumn but I’ve enjoyed this Summer – need a bit of a cooler day round about now though. Lol.