When you’re a massive hoarder like me, storage is key. When you’re a hoarder who likes her home to look amazing, stylish storage solutions are even more important. So today I wanted to bring a little storage inspo to the table.

I actually cleared out loads of stuff I’d been keeping since I’d say, 2011, this weekend, from vases that I’ve never used to an old lampshade I didn’t need to keep. Despite three bags (and a nearly-full fourth) getting packed up and taken to the charity shop, I’m still left with magazines I don’t want to throw out, stacks of books – basically loads of things which I just can’t bear to part with right now, hence why storage for my spare room/come future office is a factor I need to consider.

 I love the kitchen storage ideas above because I actually have a load of these glass jars to keep my pasta and risotto rice in, but I’d love to get more and fill them like the picture to the left. Can you tell I’m on some kind of organisation mission at the moment, I think it’s because September always feels like a fresh start and an opportunity to clear out the crap and start anew.

When you live in a small house or flat, space saving is essential. Book shelves, hooks in the hallway to hang your bike on, stacking chairs, under-bed boxes and tall thin drawers are all ideas to keep the place nice and tidy. Ain’t nobody got room for mess when it’s already “cosy.”

I really like the the idea of building the storage into the wall like the blackboard bar area below – that’s definitely an idea to pin on my Future Home board. I’m also a massive fan of the shelfie in the nursery image I’ve chosen. How cute is that shelving system?

 Anyway, I hope this hasn’t been too much of a boring post but I’m just really trying to get my arse into gear and get some order to my life and flat after months of being so disorganised so storage, unfortunately for some, is quite an interesting thing for me to blog about right now. I’m sure I’ll be back posting something “sexier” soon like bathroom flooring, or maybe kitchen tiling.

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