Today I’m teaming up with estate agents Bairstow Eves to show you how to style your bathroom like a spa, as part of the company’s Styled to Sell campaign.

Selling your home can be stressful, we all know that, but there are some things you can do stage your rooms and make your house as attractive to potential buyers as possible.

The team at Bairstow Eves tasked me with the job of staging my bathroom for sale, and with just a few touches you can see how the space has opened up and has a luxe, spa-like feel to it. Hell, if I was in the market for buying a property, I think this bathroom would win me over without a doubt.

Create a Neutral Backdrop

Following the advice from the lovely Caro Davies from The Twinkle Diaries in this styling video, I’ve added a coat of white paint which really has given the room a brand-new feel, and for little cost.

Just by painting the bathroom in a neutral colour, it allows people to instantly see how their own belongings could fit in. Plus, if you’re limited with space – like most bathrooms are – a lighter colour will give the effect of a wider room. It’s also very easy to switch up the colour scheme more frequently when you have classic white tiles and a white backdrop.

Declutter the Space

To create a zen-like feel as soon as you enter the bathroom, be sure to declutter any unnecessary items such as old body lotions, medicines etc and tidy away those 24 toilet rolls you insisted on bulk buying into a cupboard elsewhere. Decanter your favourite soaps into a glass or ceramic dispenser and put your prettiest potions and lotions into a tray on the window sill or surface. You could even add magazines into a basket by the bath, and buy a bath caddy to store away things you need daily.

Add Texture

By adding texture through soft luxurious towels, bath mats and flowers, you can instantly warm the room up – let’s face it, white tiles and walls can sometimes feel a little clinical, but adding pieces mentioned above will make it feel less sterile.

Mirrors Give The Illusion of Both Space & Light

By adding mirrors to the room, you’re tricking the eye into believing there’s more space than there actually is. Here I’ve added not only a wall mirror, but a smaller mirror to the window sill to reflect even more light around the room. If you can add your mirror facing the window, then this will increase the illusion of space in the room, but if you don’t have a window then don’t worry – mirrors with integrated lights are perfect for this.

Expert Advice

Offering his expert advice, Bairstow Eves marketing director Jeremy Briggs shares his thoughts on getting your home ready for the market.

“When it comes to selling your home, putting a bit of elbow grease into your bathroom revamp can make a huge difference to prospective buyers.

If needed, set aside some time and budget to regrout your tiles and refresh the silicone seal on the fixtures. You’ll be surprised by just how effective this can be. Replacing the shower curtain, updating taps and adding some practical storage solutions will also help attract prospective buyers.

Don’t be tempted to completely replace the bathroom suite – or even swap a bath out for a shower – as this will cost you a lot of time and money. Follow Caro’s advice and add some small but luxurious items to the room like candles, mirrors, fluffy towels and bath mats to introduce that luxurious hotel spa feel.”

From the bathroom to the kitchen, the office, living room and bedroom, you can find many more tips and pieces of advice from key interior bloggers on the Bairstow Eves website here showing you how to style each room in preparation to put your house on the market.

And even if you’re not in the market for selling, creating a spa-like bathroom might be worth considering if you’re looking to update the space on minimum spend.

Have you staged your house to sell? What’s the number one tip you’d give to someone in a similar position?

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