So the spare-room-come-office-makeover has begun. I’ve been wanting to tackle this room since I moved in nearly two years ago as, one, I wanted a nice guest bedroom, and two, I wanted somewhere to work on a weekend.

In terms of inspiration, I wanted somewhere light and airy, with pops of colour and really cosy textures. Sometimes a spare room can feel like a dumping ground – well mine certainly did – and I always felt like I wanted to shut the door to it to make sure no-one could see what was behind that wooden plank (if you’ve seen the episode of Friends where Monica has a secret cupboard, you’ll understand).

I’ve been on the hunt for some new furniture, bedding and accessories for about two months. Apart from the bed (which was a hand me down but has great storage), and my huge built in wardrobe, everything is new. The peony bedding above is from Joules and I absolutely love it – hence why it’s now sat eagerly in my spare room waiting to be opened once the room is finished.

I also love elements of the of the office below, which you might recognise from blogger Kate La Vie’s home. I’ve bought a similar Eames style chair from Rose & Grey, and Wayfair were kind enough to send me a gorgeous Scandinavian desk which I can’t wait to show you.

So here we are with my before pictures. I wanted to put these pictures in this post to show you what I’m working with, and although you can’t see much difference in the wall colours in the images, I spent this weekend painting the room a gorgeous bright white (Absolute White from B&Q’s Premium Colour range). It already makes such a difference to the room and I love how light and fresh it feels. Magnolia is just not my cup of tea but when you live in a rented flat, it’s pretty much everywhere.

Although these before pictures are completely true to life, please don’t judge me on them. I feel like I do have a good sense of style when it comes to interiors, but this room literally was the dregs of everything I didn’t want to store in other areas of my flat. Old mismatched cushions, crap bedding which I’ve had for years, random props which I don’t use any more – the list goes on.

I took great satisfaction in clearing this room from top to bottom the weekend just gone, and filling four big bags full of bits for the charity shop, which included a huge wardrobe clear out, and another three bags of rubbish to chuck. I find having a spring clean so therapeutic, and the space already feels much better to be in.

So the next stage, now the room is painted and ready, is to build my furniture and put the finishing touches to it, which I’ll be doing this weekend. I can’t wait to see it all come together and show you some of the cool bits I’ve been buying over the last month. I wanted to create somewhere where I could blog and take photographs, which is why I chose such a bright white as opposed to a nice grey or dusky pink (two of my favourite interior colours).

The big reveal will be taking place next Sunday so keep an eye out, and I’m sure I’ll be updating my Instagram as the week goes on as I start creating pretty little vignettes or hanging my wall art up.

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Victoria Jackson is the editor of multi-award winning interior design blog Apartment Number 4. Designed to help you create a beautiful home on a budget, Victoria edits the inspirational and showcases the affordable.


  1. I so excited to see your reveal Victoria, I'm sure it will be super stylish! The inspiration you shared are totally gorgeous, that bedding is so vibrant I love it!

    We have a spare room that isn't too bad, I actually might paint the desk in there white this weekend…it's been on my to do list for too long! Also can't wait to see your new desk 🙂

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    1. Thank you sweetie! I can't wait to see it all together! 🙂 It's been a long time coming. I would definitely paint the desk white if you can, I've swapped wooden furniture for white and it's made it so much fresher and lighter! xxx

  2. Hi lovely- Its natural to worry what we are going to think of the before pics but thats just what they are- BEFORE you've done your magic on them. It's going to look great!

    1. Haha, thank you doll! I took the pics and I wondered if I should have at least made the bed before but then I thought, why?! This is the reality of my spare room – and it should make the finished article look even better! 🙂 xxx

  3. I hate magnolia too…so boring! White makes such a big difference. I painted over my magnolia walls with bright white a few years ago and couldn't believe the difference it made!

    Everything looks fabulous so far, so worth the effort. Can't wait to see then finished thing next week!

    xx lacoconoire.com

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