Not everyone is blessed with the huge amount of space you often see in interior design magazines. Most, like myself, live in a standard house or apartment and have to make the best of what they’ve got. Kitchen space, especially, is often limited, so today I wanted to show you a few kitchen ideas of how to maximise the space you have.

I think with a functioning room such as a kitchen the main priority is storage. And plenty of storage at that. I love ingenious ideas like pull out cupboards from a cabinet corner once unused, or open shelves on an empty wall to keep surfaces free of bits and bobs. Could you build shelving around the kitchen door perhaps? Or add corner shelving somewhere to display crockery?

Remember, if you have a small space light really is key. If natural light is limited – cellar kitchens for example are popular in houses in the UK – then feed as much light into that space as possible through the use of spotlights and under cabinet lighting.

Why not combine your grill/oven/microwave into one and save on space? You don’t need that toaster, and that waffle maker doesn’t need to be out on the side. Pack everything away into cupboards if you really don’t need it that instant.

Organisation follows on from that. I really need to find the time to organise my kitchen cupboards once and for all – sorting spices and herbs properly, and buying glass containers from Ikea to put my pasta, rice and couscous where I can see it. Once your space is in order, it becomes much easier to work with.

With a tiny kitchen, having an island to prep food is just a dream – but you could buy a smaller one on wheels and keep it to the side when you’re not cooking? You can buy some relatively cheap mobile islands and with so much storage underneath them, I’d highly recommend getting one if counter space is limited.

There are so many hacks you can do in your kitchen to get organised. Screw magazine holders to the wall, for example, to keep tinfoil, clingfilm etc in. Or hang baskets from towel rails inside a cupboard to keep cleaning products in. You could stick magnetic racks to the side of your fridge or hang pots and pans from the ceiling – this looks especially stylish if your pots are copper.

I’ve put together a few of my favourite smaller kitchen ideas below, which will hopefully inspire you if you have limited space to cook in. They do say the best things come in small packages after all.

*Post in collaboration with Homify.

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