CLOCKWISE: 1. You Are My Sunshine Print 2. Pining for Pineapple Print 3. Staredown 4. C’est La Vie Print 5. Magnifique Print 6. Lookin’ Good

Buying artwork and prints for my house is fast becoming an addiction. Right now, I have four pieces just sat waiting to be framed in my spare room and I’m already looking for more to buy. I also constantly Pin statement walls on Pinterest which feature rows and rows of carefully curated pictures and photographs, hoping someday I can achieve something similar in my living room.

So when I came across these gorgeous pieces on a new website Minted, you can imagine how many “where shall I put it, how can I afford it, when shall I buy it” went through my brain. Minted, if you haven’t come across it already is an online platform based in the US which brings together artists and creatives from all over the world and highlights their best pieces of work – you get to learn the story behind each designer which I love.

Another part of the Minted offer, which is great for those of you with a wedding coming up, is their design service for stationery, allowing you to create something amazing to post through to friends and family when your big day arrives. And you won’t even have to post them as Minted do it all for you. Now all I need to do is find the groom and I can get straight on with this.

Check out the website site here and let me know which is your favourite piece from above. I think I’m going to have to go with the pineapple photograph, I mean, how can I not.

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