Why I’m Working On My 2019 Core Goals Now

setting core goals for 2019

I’m all for setting goals. Every month, every quarter, every year. I’m there with my fresh new notebook from Homesense or Paperchase, ready to scribble down an insane amount of things I want to work on for the period ahead of me. It gives me a sense of achievement and a direction of focus.

But with goals, New Year goals in particular, there’s this insane pressure to start afresh, to get your exercise routine together, to eat clean, to detox on social media, be in search of a new career, end relationships, work on friendships, read 45 books. So. Much. Pressure.

And one thing I’ve learned over the years is that I crumble under that sort of weight. 

At the start of 2018 I wrote about why I was choosing to set core goals for the year ahead. Core goals are goals that change how you feel on the inside rather than continually chasing the final destination (outer goals). It’s about concentrating more on the journey rather than the end result.

I caught a quote from Lydia Millen’s panel talk at the Blogosphere Festival last weekend, where she discusses enjoying the creative process of blogging instead of rushing to reach our goal of being “successful” within the industry.

I love that way of thinking. I’m often so focused on the end goal, I don’t stop to enjoy the process of how I’m getting there.

And more often than not, the reality of reaching said goal is that you never really feel as fulfilled as you imagined you would.

My core goals for 2018 were simple.

I wanted to be creative on a daily basis.

I wanted to feel content, relaxed and happy on a daily basis.

I wanted to add more adventure into my life.

Tick, tick, tick. From launching my own business, to travelling solo across the world, I feel like I’ve achieved these three goals, and after twelve months, they’re ingrained in me, so much so, they’ve become part of my everyday life.

So why am I looking to 2019, right now, on the 3rd December? Because I don’t want to wait to until the start of another New Year to make changes that are designed to make me feel even better if I put them into place right now. Today.

Putting My Health First

The biggest thing I want to work on is putting my health, both physical and mental, first from now on. I’ve spent so long putting work etc before looking after myself – or at least using work as an excuse – that I no longer feel like the “me” I’m supposed to be.

Instead of planning meetings in the morning, when I know it’s the only time I can go to the gym, or working late into the night so I end up scrapping the freshly cooked meal I had planned and grabbing a takeaway instead, I’m putting my health first.

This isn’t a “I want to lose weight” goal for 2019 – far from it. I’m concentrating on feeding my body with the best, to help me feel my best, and hopefully be the best version of me so I can continue building my business. If you think that what you eat, how you move, and your morning and evening routines don’t affect your level of work and creativity, you’re wrong.

Stop the Guilt

I listened to a podcast recently with Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington called Letters From A Hopeful Creative. In the episode “How Can I Make Working From HomeMore Enjoyable”, the pair talk about the guilt that comes with being self-employed and not working to the standard hours of 9-5pm in an office environment.

This episode really hit home, as it covered so many things I’d been feeling since going at it on my own. I would feel guilty if I stayed in bed until 8.30am, but not feel guilty for working until 11pm, without dinner or a break. I would feel guilty about running an errand in the morning, but not feel guilty about working both Saturday and Sunday some weekends.

Running your own business comes with so many mental obstacles to overcome, and I’ve found guilt to be one of the main ones.

However, someone remarked on Twitter – “It’s my job, so it’s my rules” – and even though it’s such a simple statement to make, it really resonated with me. So what if I want to spend the morning at the gym, running errands and sleeping until 8am? So what if I want to spend 6 hours at my laptop creating content I love and then switch off at 7pm. So what if I decide to take Friday off because I’ve completed all my work for the week. It’s my job, it’s my bills that are getting paid and it’s what works for me. Again, it’s about putting my health first.

Tackle My Self-Confidence

When it comes to my business, I’m scared of so many things. Public speaking, showing my face on Instagram stories, e-courses where I need to create video content.

But I want to conquer these fears. They come down to one thing and one thing only. Self-confidence. Or lack of should I say.

I want to be more “me” online, and let people see my real personality. I’m not saying I’m fake online, but I certainly don’t let my weird-self fully show. I envy people who can chat effortlessly on Instagram stories, or stand up in front of a room full of people and host events.

So I’m setting myself a mini goal to help towards this core goal, which includes speaking to the camera on Instagram Stories every day of next week. I feel like once I’ve done that, I’ll be able to do anything. Wish me luck and send me some positive vibes if you manage to catch me on there. 

Have you started to think about goals for the New Year yet? Or is there anything you’d like to start working on but you’re waiting? Here’s my advice. Don’t wait, start now.

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  1. 12.4.18
    Zoe said:

    Hello, lovely post! I have recently joined the gym which 5 weeks before Christmas was definitely going against the grain. I think that if I can get in to a routine of going now, then in January I will want to go as I have pushed past the hard starting again point, even when it’s busy. Blogging wise I am already brainstorming content and direction for 2019. I want to push myself creatively and develop my blog. This year it’s been very hit and miss so trying to understand why and how I can overcome.
    I tend to have a theme for the new year instead of goals. This year was to slow down and enjoy life more. I suppose I try and think about how I want to feel in 12 months and then work backwards!

  2. 12.11.18
    Jana said:

    Love your post. Perfect timing for me as I am working on setting my core goals for 2019. What I love around core goals as you can get instant gratification from succeeding in them straight away!

    With outer goals you need to put some work in before you reap the benefits. With core goals you can see results every day by doing that thing, that makes you feel the way you want to feel.

    My core goals for 2019 are every day to feel
    – fit and healthy
    – creative
    – love
    – excited to get up in the morning.

    I’ll be making sure my outer goals are aligned with these core goals.

    Jana xo

  3. 12.12.18
    Caroline said:

    Love this post and theory, Victoria.
    Get my shit together, is definitely my 2019 goal.lol But in all seriousness, I can resonate so much with your lack of confidence and especially that of showing more of myself on Insta/stories and my blog. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful self! 🙂