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Today I'm sharing stylish storage solutions and ideas for small bathrooms, whether you rent or you've bought your own place. Compact storage is key in a small bathroom so check out today's post for ideas on how to maximise your space.

Stylish Storage Solutions For Small Bathrooms

Staying clutter-free in a small space requires you to be creative with your storage. And let’s face it, we’re not all lucky enough to be blessed with freestanding baths and vanity units, especially not in rented property. Finding stylish solutions for small bathrooms isn’t always easy so today I wanted to share some ideas you […]

Today I'm sharing how to achieve a Nordic-inspired interior design in your own home, from the trends to watch out for in 2018, to the must-buy products from Nordic House.

How To Achieve Nordic-Inspired Interior Design

Although design influences have been crossing the waters from Scandinavia for the last century, mainstream interior design has really embraced this movement in the last five years. “Scandinavian interior inspiration” is one of the most searched terms on Pinterest, and the words “hygge” and “lagom” have dominated our lifestyles since 2016, even though most of […]