When I buy a book as gorgeous as this, it really takes all my will not to sit wherever I am (usually at my desk) and read it cover to back. Emily Schuman is one of my all time favourite bloggers. Along with Ella of Coco’s Tea Party, Cupcakes and Cashmere was one of the blogs which completely inspired me all those years back to start creating my own little piece of the internet.

With one book successfully under her wing, I was super excited to find out she was releasing a book completely dedicated to interiors and entertaining in the home. I know it’s not all picture perfect, but Emily strikes me as the kind of girl who’s got her shit together. She has that effortless style which I try to emulate in my day to day life, but this book just gave me that little bit of a push to finally get my house where I want it to be.

Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home takes you inside the abode of new mum Emily, showcasing her interiors style and the amazing choices, from her hallway (or entryway if you’re from the US), through to her bathroom, closet and home office. We have very similar tastes when it comes to home decor, especially our love for mid-century furniture and ornate wallpapers. Scroll down to see her amazing black floral choice in the bathroom.

What I absolutely love about this book is the fact that it’s totally inspirational yet attainable. At the end of every chapter, Emily brings together snippets of advice for both renters and owners. I like the fact that she recognises not everyone can change up their kitchen or paint the walls of their house.

So many of these pages have inspired me to not only make changes to my place, but to think about perhaps writing a book like this myself in a couple of years. Turning this blog from a fashion focused site to an interiors haven is the best thing I could have ever done, and I finally feel like I’ve found my niche in the blogging world. Who know’s, one day someone will be reviewing my Apartment Number 4 coffee table book?

If you’re wondering about the gorgeous black and white printed background I shot my pages on then let me introduce you to my latest buy – this Moroccan inspired embroidered pouf from one of my favourite interior shops, Bombay Duck.

I originally bought it as extra seating for when my friends and family come over but as you can see, both times I’ve gone to shoot it for the blog, Shirley and Audrey have made themselves comfortable. So when I envisaged  extra seating, I forgot that I merely rent this place off my two cats and of course, they will sit exactly where they please. Anyway, I love it so expect to see it cropping up quite a lot over here and on my Instagram.


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