Revealed: The home maintenance issues most Googled by Brits

In a perfect world, moving house in 2022 would be a smooth and seamless process. Realistically, moving into a different property almost always entails an exhaustive list of issues to chase up.

Turning to professional help from contractors can be expensive, so it’s not hard to see why Brits turn to Google or TikTok DIY hacks for advice – especially with the rising cost of living. But what exactly are they searching for?

This is one of the questions asked in a recent study by Hammonds, a leading UK home interior specialist. They analysed UK browsing data and spoke to industry experts to find out how we can take DIY into our own hands.

Maintenance: Where do I start?

Whether you’re moving home or renovating, maintenance and repairs can seriously help to prevent unwanted issues. This means regularly taking care of any internal, external, or structural faults in your home.

Firstly: Expect to deal with blocked drains

Blocked drains immediately came up trumps as the most searched-for household complaint, with over 150,000 people looking for speedy solutions to their pipework worries each month.

Hammonds sat down with Thomas Goodman, Property and Construction expert at resourcing giant MyJobQuote. Thomas recommends acting fast to avoid complications further down the line.

For any blocked drain, start by pouring hot water to loosen any blockages. Afterwards, try your luck with a homemade solution of water, bicarbonate of soda, and vinegar. If neither of these methods are successful, you should call a professional.

Prepare yourself: DIY culprits

Details from Hammonds’ study on search data found a few more pesky household issues, including:

  • Wi-Fi problems

With over 36,000 monthly searches, Wi-Fi woes seem to be a widespread burden for UK homeowners. Naturally, nobody wants to spend the first few nights in a new home without access to the Internet, so it’s a good idea to consult with your Wi-Fi provider before moving day.

  • Cracks in walls

It’s clear that aesthetic imperfections easily bother us, with a whopping 30,200 monthly searches for wall cracks. Before letting loose with a sealant gun, it could be sensible to do some research or ask an interior decorator to help you.

  • Leaking roof

With over 29,000 searches, it’s clear that structural flaws causing leaks from the roof are a recurring issue. From loose tiles to failing guttering, there are a range of causes for leaks. If you spot water inside, it’s important to act quickly to avoid damp, damage, and deterioration.

  • Window condensation

It’s not uncommon to find droplets on the window, particularly in older properties. Left unprovoked, seemingly harmless moisture could turn into a mould problem. Hammonds found that condensation had a whopping 26,770 monthly searches.

Whether out of curiosity, determination, or sheer frustration, these Google searches offer a useful insight into the type of issues to expect in any big move. But why is it vital to attend to them?

The verdict: You can’t avoid maintenance!

We recommend making a personalised maintenance plan to keep your home pristine. This could involve checks every few months on your roof, windows, and walls.

As well as giving you peace of mind, maintenance helps you to make some great savings, avoiding potentially costly major repairs. Furthermore, completing these tasks will help you to gain useful insight and expertise.

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