With age, and a bit more of a disposable income than I had a few years back, meant this month I wanted to invest in slightly more premium skincare than what I’ve become accustom to. I’m a Simple girl, in both senses. I use a Simple face wash for combination skin, finished with the Simple rich moisturiser. 

Except this month I decided I’d look at trying something else. My skin felt it had a build up of product on it, you know like when you use the same shampoo and conditioner for a long period of time and there’s almost a film over it? 

Well, one of my favourite bloggers, Kate La Vie, is a big advocate of REN Skincare and with her advice in tow, I decided to try the Instant Beauty Booster Set, which I bought from ASOS – I actually didn’t even realise they sold REN until it came up in Google Search but when you’ve got a Prime account it’s great for smaller deliveries like this without paying for delivery. 

I was like a kid in sweet shop when this arrived, making sure I had the evening free to run a bath, turn my phone off and give myself a much needed pampering session. With freshly washed and exfoliated skin I started with the first step…

Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

This had such a beautiful fresh orange smell, like a spa encased in a bottle. I applied a generous amount to my skin and relaxed for 10 minutes while it worked its magic. The consistency was thick and gloopy and you felt a tingling sensation as soon as you popped the mask on – in a “it’s working” way, not an “allergic reaction” kind of way I just thought I’d add. This is designed to renew skin cells and my face definitely felt softer once I washed it off. The instructions say to use the cloth provided but I didn’t bother – maybe I should be more gentle with my skin but it didn’t seem to make much difference just splashing it with water and using my hands.

Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

The 1 Minute Facial was actually how I came across the Beauty Booster set in the first place, as I was searching for a smaller sample size to try out before I invested in the bigger 75ml tube. For the same price as that I could get all three of these products, so it was a no-brainer for a REN virgin like me. I used this as the second step in my facial and applied a good amount to my face, wetting my fingers as I rubbed it into my skin to activate the Vitamin C. I really liked this product because it felt like you were almost taking layers of grime and dirt of your skin as you were massaging it in. I left it for just over a minute to really work its magic and rinsed with clean water. My skin had such a gorgeous glow to it after.

Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot

The final step in the Beauty Booster regime was the Instant Firming Shot. Once I’d dried my face and given it a few minutes to breathe and enjoy being super clean, I added one or two drops of this serum to my face. This instantly dries and makes the skin feel super tight until you add moisturiser – which in turn gives your face the appearance of less wrinkles and plumps it up so it looks full of colour. I’m not sure I’ll use this on a day to day basis and it’s definitely not a repeat buy for me, but I did like how smooth it made my skin feel. I just didn’t like how tight it made my already slightly dry skin feel.  

In the morning, my skin felt deliciously soft. It was like I’d had an expensive spa facial, and the red marks I have from when I’ve had spots previously seemed to have faded slightly. The only downside was, I seem to have broken out in quite a few spots around my mouth and chin which I suspect is hormonal rather than any reaction. My skin can be quite sensitive anyway (hence never changing from Simple) but I’m going to continue using these twice a week and see how it is is at the end of the month. My pores seem smaller and people have noticed I have a glow – with a definite bump of a food baby, people could start asking questions. 

Overall, I’d say I’m a REN convert – so much so, that I plan on going to Harvey Nichols one weekend when I’m paid and getting myself a little consultation about what products I need for 31 year old skin which seems to be still going through puberty. Let me know if you’re a REN fan and if so, which products do you find work best for you.

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